About Pip de Belfry

pip de belfry natural witch

Pip de Belfry emerged into the multiverse via an iron horse and chariot, and set the tone for never being ordinary. She connects with the mind pictures that make her not quite of this age, but able to relate her knowledge to situations that arise in the present day.

Descended from a long line of “sensitives”, she retains a healthy skepticism combined with an even more healthy natural curiosity about the world and its paths.

Pip often works alongside Doktor Snake in a powerful alliance of chaos magick meets natural magick, and provides unique spellworkings, talismans, poppet dolls, witch bottles, and spiritual supplies to clients around the world.

She has provided tarot, crystal ball and dream readings for satisfied clients who seek her unique guidance and wisdom on a variety of subjects, often returning when they seek further advice.

Her readings are individually tailored to you, and she will harness her natural psychick energies to provide a matchless and insightful reading, all delivered in a style which will make you feel as if she is in your living room, chatting over a coffee or two…

✴ Find out why Pip favors the term “wicche” rather than “witch.”

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