Banishing spell to cleanse your home of negative energy and bad spirits

Banishing spell to cleanse your home of negative energy and bad spirits

If your house is plagued by negative energy, or haunted by bad spirits, this banishing spell will bring back the positive and remove all malevolent forces…

Are you bothered by a feeling that things just don’t “feel quite right” in your home? It could be that you’ve moved into a  new house or apartment and the previous occupants have left behind some unwanted negative energy, or maybe someone has visited you that you really didn’t want invading your space but you had no choice.

Or worse, a bad spirit might have entered your home, either sent there by a nefarious spiritual worker, or it entered of it’s own accord. Either that or the previous occupants might have been up to some seriously bad stuff (it happens).

When a bad spirit enters your place of it’s own accord, this is usually down to it being inadvertently “invited.” Like say you are at a really low ebb, very depressed, and the sheer negativity is attractive to some more baleful entities… they literally feed off it. Or if you’ve been having serious arguments with your partner or somebody else, again, this attracts the worst kind of spirits.

Mostly, you don’t need to worry about bad spirits entering your house in this way – it’s pretty rare, but does sometimes happen.

What you do need to worry about, however, is that these negative forces, be they bad energies or baleful spirits, can wreak havoc in your life – disrupt or break up loving relationships, bring bad luck, money misfortunes, loss of your job, and eventually even loss of your house.

So what can you do to rid your home of bad energy?

Well, witches who are slightly fluffy around the edges would suggest smudging, but if you want to nail the job properly, you need to go a bit darker than just wafting a bit of smoke around.

This working will have your living spaces shinier than a new pin and sparkling with positive energies faster than Mary Poppins snapping her fingers to tidy up. And any bad spirits will be sent packing, scrambling to get out of you house like a mouse with a big black alley cat on its tail.

So let’s get to it…

This spell working is best done at twilight on the eve of a New Moon. And you will need:

  • One candle for each room of your house – don’t forget bathrooms and laundry or utility rooms, as that’s where nasty gremlins love to hang around the most. I would use beeswax candles, as being natural, they lend themselves to absorbing and neutralising things better than something fancy.
  • A small bowl or dish for each room
  • Banishing oil or powder
  • Smudge stick
  • Coffin nail
  • A fireproof dish
  • Around 4 oz or 100 g of rough sea salt
  • Paper bag
  • Small gardening shovel
  • Lighter or matches

This is what you do:

• At twilight, go outside and collect some earth from each of the four sides of your house. If you don’t have four sides, collect it from as closely as you can to what would be the four sides. Put the earth in the paper bag.

• Return inside, and place a couple of tablespoons of earth into each bowl. With your finger, poke a hole in each of the piles of earth, so that you can see the bottom of the bowl.

• Place a bowl in the center of each room. Beginning at the back of the house, furthest from the front door, take a candle in one hand and the banishing oil or powder in the other, with the bowl of earth in front of you. Exhale and breathe out worries, inhale and breathe in peace. Exhale again and breath out weakness and breathe in power. Exhale a third time and breathe out sadness and breathe in calm. State aloud that you are ready to remove all draining energies from your home, and remove any nefarious entities that mean you harm.

• Now light the candle and carefully drip enough wax into the hole to allow you to stand the candle in the bowl and fix it safely. Once the wax has set, sprinkle some banishing oil or powder in a clockwise circle around the candle, onto the earth.

As you do this, say:

“I remove and banish all harmful energies and evil spirits. You are not welcome, and are sent away from this space”.

• Moving from the back to the front of the house, repeat the above in every room. Remember to check the candles from time to time to make sure that they are burning safely. When you have repeated this throughout the house, go back to the first candle. It may well have burned out, but if not, extinguish it and then place the contents of the bowl into the paper bag (taking care that it’s not still hot enough to burn the bag!) Again, repeat this in turn with each room in the house, until all of the bowls are empty.

• The negative energies and baleful spirits are now absorbed by the earth. Go to your nearest graveyard, dig a shallow hole and place the bag inside and cover it over. As you do so, call on the graveyard spirits to take care of the spirits that you have buried. Take the coffin nail and hammer it into the ground. Thank the graveyard spirits and make sure that you leave some candy or a libation of liquor for their help. Then head home, remembering NOT to look back, and take a different route so that you don’t end up taking any other bad spirits into your newly cleaned home!

• Now you can go fluffy witch and use your smudge stick. Make sure again that you clear every last nook and cranny, particularly if you find that you get black smoke in some places, and making sure to smudge reflective surfaces like mirrors. Also take special care around chimneys if you have them in your home.

• When you have done this, take the ashes from the smudge stick, place them in another paper bag, and then take them to the nearest running water.

Throw the ashes into the water and say:

“All is cleansed, evil is banished, all is done, and so mote it be”.

• Remember again to give thanks and leave an offering for the help from the spirits.

So now you should have a shiny home, sparkling with new positive energies, and free of bad spirits. And the only other places you may need to use any more of your energies on are cleaning the cooker, under the fridge – oh, and maybe down the side of the sofa cushions. There shouldn’t be any malicious energy hiding there by now, but you may just find yourself a few coins in loose change for your efforts!

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