Boost your libido with this sizzling witchcraft spell

sultry lady

If your libido is flagging from a busy lifestyle, use a little witchcraft to revive your sexual mojo…

The hectic lives we lead often leave little time to invest in keeping our sexual mojo alive and buzzing. Work stresses and other problems mount up in our heads, and before you know it, BANG! the passion just starts to ebb away …

Maybe you feel like the spark is fizzling out in your relationship – it might be you, or your partner or both … If you want to grab your libido by the horns before it sputters out like a dud firework, here’s a simple but effective spell you can use to turn up the heat again.

It works for males and females – or gender fluid if that’s where you’re at – and you can do it alone or with a partner, which might help ramp up the lust factor to boiling point before you even get to the end of the working. If so, I hope the earth moved for you 

This spell working is carried out over three nights, and you will need a photo of your partner, or yourself if it is for a solitary working to tweak up your own passion-meter. If you are doing this as a couple, you could use two separate photos or one of you together in a loving, sexy mood.

Aside from this, you will need

  • 4 red candles
  • 1 white candle
  • A few drops of essential oil that puts you “in the mood for Love”. Again, if doing this as a couple, you can choose one that appeals to you both, or two separate oils if you both have different favorites.
  • 3 mint leaves
  • Red garnet stone
  • Ylang Ylang incense
  • Something red to wear – it doesn’t have to be an entire red outfit, but a silk scarf or underwear or maybe a tie for him would work well.

Put a few drops of your essential oil or oils into a bowl of water and mix them well. Rinse your hands in the water to purify yourselves. This may seem a strange thing to do bearing in mind what your intent is, but believe me, it helps.

Next, place the red candles at the four points of the compass, and the white candle in the middle. Put the incense to the left of the white candle, and an offering bowl containing the mint leaves and garnet to the right. Put the photo in front of the white candle.

Now open your circle, light the red candles then the white candle and lastly the incense. Take the white candle and drop a few drops of wax onto the photo. Pick up the bowl containing the mint leaves and garnet – if you are doing this as a couple, pick the bowl up together – and visualise the whole of your circle being filled with a glowing red light.

Carry on visualising this until you feel that the air around you is completely charged with pulsating passion. Stay totally focused on this, and feel yourselves absorbing the energies, and as you do this, repeat the following incantation 5 times:

“I/we call upon you, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love,
Stir and awaken the fire within (name of person),
Stir and awaken his/her desire and passion,
Now and everlasting may our flame of Love burn.”

Thank the Goddess, extinguish the candles and close your circle. Let the incense burn itself out to represent your spent passion. Repeat this ritual for three nights, and you should find that this will re-charge your love batteries to the max!