Witchcraft spell to get rid of a troublesome person – using cat poop and calling on chaos goddess Eris!

eris goddess of chaos

Do you have cats? If so, you might be surprised to hear that you can do some pretty heavy magick with cat poop! That and calling upon the ancient goddess of discord…

I had a friend who was having all kinds of grief with a lodger. He wasn’t paying rent, he was disrespecting her place, he was rolling in drunk as a skunk, that kind of thing. On top of that, he had some on/off woman who had been disrespectful to her too.

So I gave my friend a spell to sort out both of them.

I was at her house, and she was going through her fridge getting rid of what I call “kill you food”, you know, the stuff that’s practically walking out to the garbage by itself.

Anyway, she found a Tupperware box with some prehistoric looking chicken in it that the woman had given him. Yep, he’s that much of a scumbag that he goes scrounging food even though he doesn’t need to. My friend also has two beautiful cats, who produce not so beautiful poop, and I had an idea… So I said to her, “Get your poop scoop, we’re going to do some magick.”

I got her to add some prime specimens from the litter tray to the box of chicken, then spit on it with all the anger she could muster. Then I got her to replace the lid and give it a really good shake so it all mixed together well.

While she was doing that, I got her to say the following, directed at the guy and his low-rent woman:

“Just as you have caused so much sh*t in my Life, may both of your lives be turned to sh*t too. I call upon Eris [Ancient Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord] to bring turmoil into your lives, and I humbly thank you, mighty discordian goddess, for your help.”

When she felt she had poured all of her angst into the working, she tossed it into the trash, knowing that the garbage truck would give it thorough destruction.

It might be an unconventional spell, but as long as it gets the job done, that’s fine by me. And do you know what? Within a few days, an eviction letter she’d given him that had been refused for about six months was suddenly magically accepted, so she’s finally going to get him out of her hair.

Who knows, maybe he’ll move in with the other on/off woman and they can give each other as much grief as they want, that would seem to be quite a just outcome to me.

Voodoo witch cast ultimate money spell to get client out of poverty

Woman hits rock bottom, in desperation turns to voodoo witch to solve money woes…

There are times when you have to give it all you’ve got. The whole “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” treatment as I like to think of it…

And when Lila came to me for a money spell, that’s just what I did.

Lila said, “You’re voodoo witch, right? I’ve lost my job, I’m in big debt, and about to be homeless. Can you help with a spell? I need money so bad.” It was a pretty tall order, but I know that nothing is impossible, it just means that sometimes it might take slightly longer to achieve.

I set to work right away. I knew what I needed, some rare herbs and roots you gather at the time of the shadow moon. And it was close to that time – the moon was waning. Two more nights and it would be the right time to gather what I needed. That was handy, as it gave me two nights to get the rest of the working together.

In many ways, I’m not comfortable with being called a voodoo witch, or even just witch. I simply follow the old ways and practise natural magick. Nevertheless, voodoo witch or not, if I can help people, I will.

So I left my home and went out to the swamplands of Eastern England under the pervasive darkness of the shadow moon. After about an hour and a few encounters with stinging nettles and a couple of hedgepigs, I located the key herbs and plants I needed, and sang to them as I picked them – like I always do. It’s always seemed a natural thing to do as far as I’m concerned, and I always make a point of thanking the plants for their help.

Then I set about calling upon the land, air, fire and water spirits to bless my witchcraft spell and charm – in this case a money-drawing witch bottle. I gave the spirits thanks, and then left for home.

I let Lila know the spell had been cast, and the next day mailed her the witch bottle that would begin the process of drawing money to her.

Within a week, Lila had secured a new, cheaper place to live. It wasn’t a palace, but it wasn’t a flea pit either, and with Lila’s touch, the place would soon be her own little sanctuary. Soon, she received an unexpected tax refund – all refunds from the tax man are unexpected, but this one was truly amazing in its size and timing. And then a friend secured her a job in the accountancy department of a big firm.

She got in touch again recently, saying, “I owe it all to you and your voodoo witchcraft spell. I can’t thank you enough.”

I just said that I was really an “enabler”, helping her find the power within to turn her Life around. The compliment was nice. But honestly I truly believe I help people to help themselves.

The voodoo truth behind Angelina Jolie – how the Hollywood diva has used black magick to further her ambitions, and to remove the “encumbrance” of Brad Pit from her life

Guest post by Doktor Snake.

When Brad Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston, it has been said the Hollywood diva and now activist Angelina Jolie gave Brad a vial of gray powder to ward off accidents. The vial reportedly contained the remnants of a bat. At the time, I said, “That vial sounds suspiciously like a voodoo mojo hand, or magical charm,” adding that it may in reality have been a break up spell to split Brad from Jennifer Aniston – as Angelina had her sights firmly set on Brad.

And she succeeded…

But after the two married and made a life together, Angelina set herself new challenges in the realm of politics and the global peace movement, and Brad went by the wayside. It could even be argued that, despite having children together, Brad has become an encumbrance to Angie’s plans, and that she will do whatever it takes to achieve her desires.

In fact, I was able to confirm back in 2016 that Angelina performed a graveyard ritual to further enable her ambitions for political influence. The ritual she did involved plunging a ceremonial dagger into a manikin, which served as a symbolic sacrifice.

Recently – via a certain “grapevine” I’m involved with – I have heard that Angie is using the black arts against Brad, and has performed rituals to this end.

Some insist that Angelina is utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing to gain what she wants, and to remove all obstacles from her life – with Brad being a mere pawn in her rise to prominance.

So is Angelina Jolie a thoroughly despicable person?

Well, there are various ways of looking at Angie. She’s certainly a very determined, driven woman, who when riled, bears a grudge (she’s possibly very hardcore in the grudge department). Such as alleging recently that Brad wasn’t paying “meaningful” levels of child support. Brad’s team countered by saying this was a publicity stunt on her part. It might well have been. But that is often part of the celebrity game, certainly if you’re ruthless enough.

Some people (and I’m not necessarily saying Angie) recognize they have an ability to intensely formulate, and focus, on an intent. It burns like a fierce fire, but goes beyond the everyday idea of “willpower”, which is really just internal dialog, and isn’t all that strong. What we are talking is deep subconscious ability, and this arguably can connect and manipulate the “external” world.

Those that can do this (in my experience, at least) often don’t have too many ethics. There principle is they have innate power, and they will use it.

Brad may well have been a useful tool, and is no longer needed, and in fact may be an annoyance. Plus possibly he is aware of Angie’s potentially sinister allegiances and her potential endgame. I don’t know, but you might find connections to George Sorros and his many and varied NGOs. A long term aim of Angie’s could be to be the first female president (if she’s not beaten to it).

That said, she might be with the losing side. Geo-politics is now in a state of chaos… bearing in mind chaos theory and the notion that chaos is the creator and driver of evolution. Thus we could say, metaphorically, that the current chaos is Gaia putting things to rights. Like or loathe them, Trump and Putin would be necessary to this… both would not be to Angie’s liking. But both are the antithesis to the current globalist hegemony, which is a huge control system that has eroded our freedoms.

But if the globalist hegemony / old money / banking families win out, well, Angie is positioned to be influential.

As to magick, which I touched on above, nowadays it’s way, way beyond folksy spells and formulas. Dig deeply into top Russian politicians and advisers and you’ll see that magick / reality manipulation has been central to much of what they’re doing. I would argue that Trump is the same, having grown up with New Thought, but very likely recognizing methods of geopolitical sorcery. Once it was conjuring demons, like in medieval grimoires. Now it’s evoking chaos on the world stage. But that’s partly to take on the “order” of the globalist hegemony.

So where is Angie in all this?

I’d say she’s playing a fast game on the side of the “gods of law”, which at extreme levels (as seen with the globalist hegemony) is destructive and pathologically controlling. Chaos too is destructive at its most extreme, but right now we are looking to tip the balance back to the crystalline balance of equilibrium. Though, short term, chaos will rule.

Who knows what will win out. But my feeling is that Angie is utilizing post-modernist modes of magick, with the endgame being global influence and power. Look for a Sorros connection, or similar.

(Originally published on DoktorSnake.com – The voodoo truth behind Angelina Jolie – how the Hollywood diva has used black magick to further her ambitions, and to remove the “encumbrance” of Brad Pit from her life)

Protection amulet: white poppet doll wrapped in a sycamore leaf


Guest post by Doktor Snake.

Pip de Belfry’s protection amulet is a powerful “natural magick” spellworking that got us out of a serious fix…

Pip describes herself as a natural witch. Her magick is freeform and eclectic, and born of intuition, not books, and she certainly doesn’t follow the “rules” (very similar to me in that respect).

Pip’s protection “power bomb” amulet really impresses me. She first did that working when we were out in the wilds with our magickal group AMMO and we ran into some serious trouble. Almost like we’d evoked more than we could deal with. It was Pip who sorted the situation out, as recorded in my post at DoktorSnake.com called Evoking the lords of chaos and law.

This is what Pip says about the power bomb:

“I usually make up a white poppet doll, then I go out into the countryside and immerse myself in the peace or it all, soaking up the natural landscape. Then I look around for appropriate leaves. In the situation we got involved in it was sycamore leaves which spoke to my intuition. So I wrap the doll in them.

After that I look around for water – like a puddle or stream and consecrate the leaf-wrapped doll in the water. Then I push it into some earth, wave it in the breeze (if there is one), and finally run it through the flame of my lighter.”

Being a natural witch Pip doesn’t plan anything; it’s all intuitive magick, very much of the realm of earth… she’s a protective, nurturing force… and thus she is very adept at protection spells – be they for keeping away bad people, negative events, or baleful spiritual forces.

She does crystal readings for clients, and often provides them with one of her power bomb protection talismans. Many have come to swear by them. I do myself – especially after she got our AMMO group out of a pretty tricky situation, which was both physical and an aspect of occult forces, which we’d evoked ourselves. We learned from the experience, and it was empowering, but we wouldn’t have got out unscathed without Pip doing her power bomb working.

Mercury in retrograde: Fasten your seat-belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Whenever I mention Mercury being in retrograde, I can almost hear Doktor Snake smirk. He’ll have nothing to do with that kind of astrological bunkum (as he probably thinks he can control the stars and planets), but mark my words, this one is astronomical, and not only in the scientific sense. THIS Mercury in retrograde (Mercury will enter its strongest phase on July 26th at 1:02 am, ET) is going to blow your socks off, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, before I explain why this will make you feel a little like Michael Jackson doing the moon-walk and getting precisely nowhere, let me also add that there are another 5 planets in retrograde at the same time: Step forward (or rather backward) Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and last but not least – I don’t care what the astronomers say about it “not being a planet” – Pluto. So we have ourselves a nice little bouquet of planetary chaos there.

Add into this that there is a total lunar eclipse 27th to 28th July, and I really start to wonder why I don’t just put my head on the desk and the “Pip is out” sign on the door right now. If you really want to torture yourself, I’ll let you know that it’s set to be the longest total eclipse of the 21st century. Happy now? No, I thought not …

Right, so let’s get down and dirty about how this will affect you…

Being the planet that governs communications, Mercury in retrograde always causes disruptions with all kinds of connections – from text messages to chance meetings with your ex. Anything related to any kind of exchange of words, written or spoken is more likely to go haywire.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve already started to feel the effects – Mercury started its journey 8th July, and won’t totally leave retrograde until 1st September. Liken it to a car with its engine idling but ticking over and then revving up and putting your foot down. Obviously, Mercury doesn’t actually go backwards, it’s an optical illusion, but we know how powerful some optical illusions are.

The fact that this retrograde is paired with Leo is going to magnify things, and make them bigger and bolder, so potentially more explosive. Arguments are likely to “blow up”, particularly with people who like to take charge and aren’t flexible in their attitudes.

So, remember to make a special effort to be patient and honest. Do NOT sign anything important until the end of August at the earliest. You are likely to find that anything signed now will shift on important details, and not necessarily in your favor.

However, the mischief that is Mercury in retrograde will undoubtedly stir up total chaos among those in power and authority, and we are likely to see MAJOR blunders on all political fronts.

On a lighter note – or maybe not – it can be positive if dealing with matters that may have gone wrong in the past. So if an old employer turns around and offers you a new post for instance, it’s a positive, and if you’re thinking of moving house and have had a bid refused, it’s worth going back and trying again. So you get the idea. Anything negative from the PAST can be re-dressed, and all you need to do is remember the 3 R’s …

  • Reflect
  • Re-evaluate
  • Re-assess

…before you take any action.

All I’ll say is I’m going to be keeping a surreptitious eye on Doktor Snake, making notes, and then when we come around to the next Mercury in retrograde in November and he says it’s all a load of nonsense, I can show him how it played out this time … You know us old Girl Guides and our motto: “Be prepared!”

Hagstones: Holy, holey stones for protection


If you’re lucky enough to come across a hagstone while strolling along the beach, be sure to pick it up – it’s Natures “one size fits all” protective talisman, and all it needs is a cord to hang it from!

Amongst their protective powers, they have long been used to ward off nightmares, protect sailors and ships, and to keep the spirits of the dead at bay. For obvious reasons, they have also been linked to fertility spells and magick. Basically, with one of these little treasures, you can protect absolutely anything, from your car to your house, and when you use them in multiples, it vastly increases their powers.

They are also known as Adder Stones, as according to German legend, they offer protection from the effects of an adder bite. Pliny called them “serpents eggs”, and believed that they were created from the adders “slime and saliva”. This, he believed, happened in the Summer when the serpents were coiled together, and the mixture was spat into the air, whereupon it had to be caught in a cloak before it touched the earth. I reckon that if you could manage to do that, you deserve to be protected from every darn thing under the sun …

Another name for them is Odin Stones, which probably comes from the similarity to the Accord Stone in Orkney, which played an important part in courtship and handfasting ceremonies. The Odin Oath would be sworn, and although most of the oath is sadly lost in the mists of time, a ballad from the early 1700’s called “The play o’ de Lathie Odivere” contains the lines:

“An swore bae him dat hang on tree to marry her,
He bragged near and far he won his wife bae Odin’s Aith.”

The tree refers to Ygdrassil, or the World Tree, from which Odin hanged for 9 nights.

Hagstones are generally held to be created by the power of the sea, however in some cases, they are made by a mollusc named the piddock. These angel shaped shellfish burrow into stones or driftwood and gradually increase the size of the hole as they grow. Occasionally, the remnants of the piddock can still be found in one of the holes. Piddock also have a very rare and strange ability to produce luminescence – that is they glow – and Pliny (yep, him again) noted that they glow in the mouth when eaten. This phenomena was held in such esteem that it is said to have played a major part in the first king of Scotland, Cinaed mac Ailpin, gaining his throne. Cinaed obviously knew a trick or two.

So, going back to how they can be used , wearing one on a cord around your neck act like a spiritual battery charger, and will revitalise you.

Because of their positive imagery relating to fertility, if you are trying to get pregnant, you can tie a hagstone to your bedpost, or carry one in your pocket. To strengthen this particular working, if you take a holey stone, which represents the Sacred Vagina of the Earth Goddess, and find a stick which fits into the hole exactly, which represents the penis, you insert the stick, and throw the fertility talisman into the sea, whilst stating your wishes aloud.

On another level, they are also known as Fairy or Fae Stones, and it is said that by looking through one, it can enable you to see the spirits that dwelled near to where you found the stone. So if you found it along the beach, you may be lucky enough to see mermaids, mermen and sea spirits, whereas if you found it in a forest, you would be more likely to see tree spirits.

To boost your chance of seeing into the fae world, you can collect a saucer of morning dew, then gently pour it through the hole, making sure that you catch it in another container. When you have done this, anoint yourself with your magick fae water before you venture out with your holey stone.

So there you go … History, mythology, biology and magick all wrapped up in one little stone. Don’t overlook its potency – make sure you bag yourself a hagstone today…

Top 7 negative crystals


When diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend – the lowdown on dark crystal magick…

Now, everyone thinks of crystals as being sparkly, girly “a bit of airy-faery” magick, but there IS a dark side to crystals, and I don’t just mean the film Dark Crystal.

Some would have you believe that there is no such thing as a negative crystal, that they only create positive energy.

But if that’s the case, why do crystals need to be cleansed?

Also, if you want to be technical about it, science recognises positive and negative crystals. If you can figure out what the definitions mean, let me know in plain speak, but for now we’re dealing with the magick interpretation.

As I said, when you buy or are given crystals, you should always cleanse them, as you never know what mischief they may have picked up along their journey to you from not so benevolent hands.

It’s not only crystals that can store negative energy. For instance, have you ever walked into a room and sensed it wasn’t quite right somehow? Or maybe bought something from a thrift store and felt it had a negative air about it? This is down to objects having absorbed energies from previous occupants or owners.

So when it comes to crystals, don’t hesitate to get down to some serious cleansing!

Anyway, let’s look at the seven main crystals that contain elements of negativity.

1: Diamond


So, the first of the potentially mischievous crystals is our old friend, the diamond. OK, so it might look pretty and sparkle blindingly, but there is its cloaked intention. It can be used to induce spiritual “blindness” and thus a sense of disorientation. It can be given as a gift when somebody doesn’t want you to be able to see past their questionable actions and motives, so just make sure you wear your shades and don’t be bedazzled by its glitz.

2: Emerald


Next up is the emerald. This can be used to create ridiculous levels of greed in a person. It could be used by someone who, for whatever reason, wants to make somebody envy them. Remember “the green eyed monster”? So why do you think they chose the color of the emerald to denote jealousy? Think about it …

3: Shark’s Teeth


OK, not strictly a crystal. But fossilised sharks teeth – or indeed any predatory animals – can be another gift cloaking shady intentions. Just think about all of that aggression that’s been stored away in there, and what’s more, locked in by a calcified casing! They can also be used to create a feeling of constant hunger in somebody, so while it could be a sneakily well-meaning gift to an anorexic friend, your “frenemy”who’s trying to lose weight really wouldn’t thank you for it … Enough said.

4: Hermatite


Hematite is the first of the “good cop, bad cop” crystals that I’m going to mention. It can be used for a variety of darker, nefarious purposes. This is especially so when powdered and charged – you can blow it at your enemy or wipe some onto some of their belongings, and it’s a sure fire way of casting your vote to send them to Hell! However, in its positive abilities, hematite is used almost like a sponge, to soak up negative energies and then alter them to positive ones. Also, wearing a hematite ring on your non-dominant hand is meant to boost your intuitive powers, so maybe it would warn you of your “friend” who’s thinking about wiping it on your door handle? Worth a thought …

5: Kunzite


The next little questionable beauty on my list is kunzite. Now this can really be a Pandora’s Box of a crystal. It can be helpful by making someone focus on what’s really important to them, but when it’s charged to the max and beyond, it can make people incapable of holding their lives together. It can make them extremely vulnerable, and opens them up to addictions of any kind taking hold

6: Obsidian


The second of the “good cop/bad cop” crystals is obsidian. When it is sharp, it adds a whoosh of fire to elemental magick, and is used as a weapon. Think back to our ancestors, who used this crystal to make knives, arrowheads and so on … But equally, when it is polished or tumbled, it becomes almost a protective shield, and works against negative energy and psychic attack.

7: Black Onyx


The last of the troublemakers that I’m going to mention for now is black onyx. This one can be used to break up relationships. If you are in a steady relationship with someone, and find stray pieces of this one lying around the place, it’s a sure fire sign that someone has it in for your relationship, and may either be trying to just break it up completely, or alternatively remove one of you from the partnership, maybe to their own ends. It can also be used to induce nightmares and mental torment.

But to finish up, let’s get positive…

So now you’re aware that your magpie eye may be fooled by a sparkling gift that’s not quite all it seems to be, here’s a quick list of a few crystals that can be totally welcomed into your Life.

Selenite vibrates at a super high frequency, and the energy it surrounds you with has been described as being light as a feather. Sweetness and light, that’s selenite.

Obsidian as I said, falls into both camps, but even in its positive form it might come with potential drawbacks if you’re not ready to face up to things in your Life, as it will show you how YOU took a part in creating negative situations around you and it pulls no punches. Be warned if you’re not ready for that scenario. Rainbow colored glasses will have no effect here.

Carnelian is another helpful one to have around. It is said that it can block attempts to read your mind by creating a shield. Interestingly enough, according to The Egyptian Book of The Dead, carnelian was placed in Egyptian tombs to serve as a kind of all encompassing magick armor.

And the last of the positive ones I’m going to mention for now is maybe one of the most useful. Black tourmaline is what I would liken to the little pacman of the crystal world. It likes nothing better than to race around gobbling up every last little crumb of negative energy, and not only that, but once it’s chowed it down, it transforms it as if by magick into positive energy. It really is a powerhouse in the crystal world.

So now you have a basic guide, let me know if you’ve had any experiences with crystals – good or bad – and if you have any favorites.

Frozen Charlottes


We popped into the antiques and cuiros market at St. Gregory’s Church, which lies between Pottergate and St. Benedict’s Street in central Norwich. Doktor Snake was really happy. He loves nothing more than poking around for old maps and antiquarian books.

In one of the glass display cabinets, there was a collection of tiny, slightly creepy looking porcelain dolls.

“What are those?” he asked me, noticing my interest. “Are they ‘the little people’ you keep telling me about de Belfry?”

Doc has been known to poke fun at me for my firm belief in faeries and sprites of the elements.

“No”, I said. “They’re known as Frozen Charlottes.”

“Isn’t that some sort of ice cream dessert?” he teased, but I wasn’t rising to his bait. It pays not to, believe me.

I filled him, saying:

“They were originally made mainly in America, in the Victorian era. They were manufactured after the publication of a ballad Fair Charlotte, based on a poem by Seba Smith called A corpse going to a ball.

“There is some debate over whether it was based on fact, but what is known is that they would be given to children as a cautionary reminder about taking the advice of your parents.

“The poem tells how Charlotte is invited to a ball by her beau. In her vanity she refuses to wear a coat over her pretty dress despite the fact that it is snowing, and freezes to death on the journey. We all know what it’s like; didn’t you ever venture out in freezing weather in not much more than your t-shirt and jeans? I know I did. Ah such is the folly of youth.”

“That’s a bit macabre,” Doc commented.

I then pointed out that what was even more creepy was that people took to baking them into birthday cakes, and often when they were given as a gift. They were presented in a coffin just to make sure that the message got through.

However, they also offer protection, and can be used as talismans. They are ideal for using in pocket shrine tins. The shrines can be tailored to whatever you wish, be it a love shrine, or a money-attracting shrine, for example, and are designed to be carried around with you, making it easy to take your magick with you wherever you go.

Doc and I are on the hunt for them, so they may appear soon, or if you would like to register interest, let us know. It may take a while, as we can’t guarantee sourcing them. But in future, we hope to find our own, when we go on a Mud Larking adventure (searching for treasures from the past along the banks of the River Thames).

The Other Self


Pip DeBelfry relates the motivational story of how, after her husband deserted her and left her with nothing, she encountered a mysterious entity that changed her life…

Something mysterious happened…

A decade or so ago I was at my wit’s end. This was due to my marriage breaking up. My husband had run off with another woman and left me with nothing. He didn’t even pay child support.

Every day it was a terrible struggle just to put food on the table for my two children. Nothing seemed to go right in my life. It was just endless drugery and trying to make ends meet.

I felt like giving up. I carried on for my kids’ sake.

But I was like a zombie. An all-pervading bleakness beset my every waking moment. I ended up on anti-depressants to cope, but they made me feel even more numb.

And then it happened…

One night, I’d drunk half-a-bottle of vodka, which made me feel even worse. I started sobbing uncontrollably, totally despondent at the state of my life, forever struggling to scrape up pennies to eat and pay bills.

I was in despair.

And then, through my tears, I felt a presence lying in bed beside me…

I didn’t dare look round. I knew it wasn’t one of my kids. And it couldn’t have been some psycho who’d broken in as I’d locked my house up securely before going to bed. And besides, I’d have heard movement in the house and footsteps on the stairs, had somebody been able to get in the house.

I was terrified. And believe me, I’d totally sobered up at this point!

What was this thing lying next to me? Was it a ghost? A poltergeist? A spirit of somekind? I’d certainly had unusual supernatural experiences in the past – like objects mysteriously appearing and disappearing… and the ghost of a family member appearing in the house. So I was no stranger to this kind of thing.

But this was different. I could hear whatever it was breathing.

It was truly frightening. I was literally shaking.

And then I somehow mustered up the courage to look round. Lying next to me was a woman – a woman who looked exactly like me.

It WAS me.

It was my double.

But somehow different. She – me – was self-possessed, confident, and full of vibrant energy. It was like she was the woman I could be…

My double spoke…

I did wonder if I’d gone mad. The woman – that looked exactly like me – seemed so real. It was terrifying.

She was my doppelganger – my double…

But she had this serene, confident smile. She made me feel at peace, despite all the troubles I was going through and the sheer depression I had felt for so long.

At one stage, it got so bad, I didn’t go out for four months. I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. Crowded places made me feel anxious. And I’d cross the street if I saw somebody I knew – even if I liked them.

Another time, I got so down I put my head in the freezer for an hour. To this day, I have no idea why I did that. My daughter looked on scared and not knowing what to do.

It was no wonder my doctor put me on anti-depressants. But in truth, they just numb you and put your life in limbo. You feel nothing.

And my house became a reflection of my mind. I let it get so cluttered I could hardly move. I allowed newspapers to accumulate into monumental piles, and I kept and stored food packaging, empty bottles and cans, and even candy wrappers

And yet, when I looked at this woman who looked just like me, I felt that I could get over all this and not only live my life again, but actually become everything I could be.

And then my double spoke…

“I am your other self,” she said. “I am your plus entity, and you have become the minus entity. In your despair, you have given up on life. You have let negativity consume you. And that is why I have separated from you.”

“But don’t you think I have every right to be negative, the way things have gone in my life,” I protested.

“You have that choice,” replied my double. “But if you take the negative route, you let those who have misused you win. And all they do is take more and more from you, until there is nothing left to take. Is it not better to rise up and find your inner strength, the vibrant power that lies within? To seize the moment and become all you can be? To tower above those who would misuse you? To rise to the heights of what you truly are?”

At that point I began to feel sleepy. The booze I’d consumed was taking its toll. And I slowly sank into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the following morning, I presumed it had all been a vivid – and rather unique – dream. I turned over in my bed and there was no sign of my double. But as I moved to get up, there was a noise in the room.

Someone was there…

My heart pounding, I looked round. There was my double, shuffling through some papers on my desk.

“Good, you’re awake,” she said. “Today, we are going to go out and explore your world.”

“But I don’t like going out,” I said. “If I go out I have panic attacks.”

My double smiled that serene smile again, and said: “We are going to open a new door in your life. But it is up to you whether you walk through it. You have the choice. But if you don’t walk through the door I will separate from you for good. You will lose your plus entity. And you, the minus entity, will eventually shrivel to nothing and become an empty shell.”

She gestured for me to take her hand, and I had to decide whether to take it or not, and walk through the door…

True self

The whole thing was scary. Meeting my Other Self made no sense, and I wondered if I was undergoing some sort of serious mental breakdown. But at the same time I felt really good, as if I really was about to change my life for the better.

My Other Self gestured for me to follow her outside the door. And this was no easy thing for me as I had real problems even going out of my front door. At one stage I didn’t go outside for four months. I didn’t like crowded places, and I couldn’t bring myself to go in the central city library, where I’d been a librarian for many years. The sad part of this was I really love books.

But my Other Self was having none of it.

She smiled and said, “Follow me.” So I did – first taking a deep breath before walking through the door.

I wondered if other people could see us. Two people who looked identical would stand out and draw attention. Or so you’d think. But as we walked down the street nobody seemed to give us a second look.

Maybe my Other Self was invisible; which would make sense if she was merely a figment of my imagination, perhaps created by my subconscious mind in a last ditch attempt to shake me out of my long-term depression.

Whatever the case, my Other Self, though like me, stood tall and had real bearing and confidence. Whereas I just wanted to hide when I was out in public, and my self-worth was almost non-existant.

So I followed my Other Self downtown. I figured I had nothing to lose. Perhaps I was mad. But I was also intrigued by this strange experience.

We went into a Starbucks and ordered coffee. Again, nobody gave us so much as a glance. So whatever was going on, at least we weren’t drawing attention to ourselves – which suited me fine.

We sat down on a couple of comfortable armchairs, and sipped our coffees.

My Other Self looked deeply at me, and said:

“You are a unique person, incredibly caring and giving. You have much to give to the world. But people have taken advantage of your loving nature, mostly because you try too hard to please due to your lack of confidence in yourself. You look to others for reassurance. Rather than give it to you, they use you and take of your innate kindness.

In the end, this wore you down, and you sank into prolonged depression. Your world, your very reality, then became a manifestation of your state of mind. Thus your house became cluttered and disorganised, and you fell into terrible poverty.

In many ways, you were punishing yourself because you felt unworthy and undeserving of any of the good things in life.”

“I think that’s true,” I said. “But how do I change? I do feel unworthy of anything, and I let people take advantage of me, partly because I feel I should help other people, and make sure their lives are OK. I put their needs first – especially those who are broken… I try to fix them.”

My Other Self laughed. “The first lesson you need to learn is that you can’t help other people; they can only help themselves. Yes, you can do some things for them. Perhaps in terms of leading the way. After that, it is up to them. They have to find the power inside them to make their own lives the way they would like them to be.”

“But you can’t just leave people to it,” I said. “it’s harsh and uncaring. Some people need nurturing, especially if they are broken in some way.”

My Other Self shook her head and replied. “Being kind and caring is a positive character trait. But you need to recognise that if you do too much for people they become like leaches, or ‘psychic vampires’, they take and they take, and then take some more. It is a very rare person who doesn’t do that. The best you can do is show some level of kindness, then show a person the way. If they don’t take the path, then you must walk away.”

With that, we finished our coffee, left Starbucks, and made our way through the city streets. As we were turning the corner into the street I lived in, my Other Self said: “Like all those who live on this spinning ball we call Earth, you need to find your true self that lies within. Do that, and you will not only have self-worth, but you will see that whatever you choose to be, you can be…”

Just at that moment, I heard somebody call my name – a neighbor. I turned to my Other Self to say I’d better go and see what my neighbor wanted, but she was gone. And my Other Self was nowhere to be seen…

Mental ship

After my Other Self vanished on the street corner, I got on with my life. And I eventually put the uncanny experience down to some kind of symptom of the depression I had been suffering. I decided that some part of me (my subconscious mind?) had given me the experience, perhaps as a way of shaking me out of the gloomy ennui that had overtaken my life.

Nevertheless, something inside me had changed as a result of the encounter with my Other Self. The idea of finding my “true self” – that indefinable something which lies within – had taken hold of me. I began to approach life with greater resolve and purpose.

I didn’t know for sure what that purpose was. But I was starting to see that life could be approached like a great adventure. And by doing that, a purpose, or definite aim, could be found.

As my Other Self said, “Whatever you choose to be, you can be…”

Instead of just accepting my lot in life, I began to realize that I could take the helm of my “mental ship”, and could become the master of my own destiny.

Admittedly, I couldn’t change fate. What will be, will be. But I could learn to flow with the trials and tribulations of life with definite purpose – and thus all things would be become a wonderful exploration of the possibilities that are available to us, if we will only see them.

Even failures and setbacks could be seen as opportunities to be learned from, rather than as excuses to feel defeated and to give up. And if the course of my “mental ship” needed changing by a notch or two, or even a full compass point, then so be it. I would make the most of these change and approach them with a sense of excitement and exuberance BECAUSE they signify a new direction, which could enliven my definite purpose, and help me fulfill it.

But that wasn’t the end of my contact with my Other Self…

She was to return and give me a powerful message that would strengthen my resolve still further, and would be another key into putting my old defeated life behind me, and bringing my new “filled with purpose” life to the fore.

The letter…

It had been a few months from my strange experience of meeting my Other Self. I was getting on with things and putting my all into pursuing my new “filled with purpose” life.

It really had changed everything for me. I found that people responded to me much more positively. Previously, for example, at work, I was often treated and spoken to like a “dogsbody.” But now they asked me if I’d be okay to work given hours, rather than just handing me the rota and expecting me to go along with it. They even started saying please and thank you and, on occasion, went as far as paying me extra.

It seemed that having purpose and resolving to be in command of my “mental ship” had implications beyond my immediate situation; it affected the world around me.

People treated me with much greater respect and consideration.

It certainly showed me that the only person who can change things in your life is you. Looking to others or circumstances to improve your life is a road to nowhere.

But just when I thought my experience with my Other Self was over, something strange happened.

On my way home from work, from a distance, I saw a woman leave my gate, and head off around the block. I presumed she was leafleting and thought no more of it.

When I opened my front door, however, I noticed a letter on the doormat with my name handwritten on the front of the envelope.

I opened it and it read:

“To the other me.”

The letter was from my Other Self. The contents were as follows:

“My dear,

My job is now done, and I must say farewell. You won’t see me again. Although, in truth, I will always be with you, and you with me. For we are one.

You now know that you and all humans on this planet create their own realities, which can be positive or negative. It is up to each one of us to choose.

And the only real freedom any of us have is in our own minds. Through our imagination we can create and sculpt the lives we desire. Anything we can conceive of can become manifest if we but direct our will to that end.

In accepting this truism, we can decide how we want our lives to be, and set about making it happen with resolve and unstoppable will.

Nothing can hold use back when we are set upon a definite path. Failure and setbacks are nothing more than learning experiences that allow us to further adjust our path to ensure we arrive at our desired destination.

Always remember, there is an Other Self within, one you were born with, and ever prepared to help you towards your destiny in life – so long as you are prepared to set a definite path in life, and stick resolutely to it.

That is all. I wish you adieu…”

After reading the letter, I put it away in my bureau. Feeling somewhat bewildered at having yet another strange experience, I made myself a cup of tea and mused on it all. It was clear something almost “otherworldly” had occurred. It couldn’t just be put down to my subconscious intervening to lift me out of the long-term depression I had been suffering.

A couple of days later I decided to reread the letter from my Other Self. I opened the bureau. The letter was gone… I looked all through the bureau, but there was no sign of it. Yet I distinctly remembered putting it there.

While I was saddened by this – as yet again, I didn’t have any tangible proof that my strange experience actually happened and wasn’t just in my head – I was also very happy because I knew that, whatever the experience was, my life had changed for the better.

Quite literally everything had changed…

And out of my days of long-term depression, I now new joy and verve. Each day was an adventure.

Even if nothing particularly significant or exciting happened, I was appreciative of all I’d got, and all challenges became opportunities to pursue my definite purpose in life with vigour and enthusiasm.

In short, I was happy. What more could anybody want?

Need some magick in your Life? Start by finding some that’s already there!


How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, “If only I had … (fill in your own ‘must have’ here), everything would be fine!” Like one seemingly unattainable thing would suddenly make life complete?

It doesn’t matter what it is – money, a loving relationship, losing weight, we’ve all been there and thought that one thing is the deal maker or breaker.

Then stop again and think.

When you’ve found yourself in that situation, if you get whatever it is, almost immediately you forget that it was so important and move on to some other desire. Sometimes the feeling of wholeness lasts a bit longer, particularly if you’ve had to work or save hard to get it, but it still eventually loses its shine.

So what is the solution to short lived happiness? That dopamine fix that needs constant feeding?

I’ve found the answer is to genuinely take pleasure in small day to day things. Whether it’s opening a new jar of coffee, going to bed in sheets that smell of the outdoors and sunshine, luxuriating in a warm bath, listening to a piece of music that lifts your soul. All of these things can help you to appreciate Life and make your whole day seem better.

If you can’t think of anything, the best thing is to get yourself a notebook and every time you do something that makes you feel that happy switch has been flipped, jot it down. It helps if you have a nice notebook that almost begs you to write in, and is a pleasure to look at and hold. When you get to the end of the day, take some time to sit down and re-read it, so it really sinks into your mind.

If you make a point of doing this exercise over a week or so, I think you’ll be surprised to find how many things actually DO make you feel happy. It’s just that you’ve let the moments pass you by before.

It’s all about living in the moment. If you have a busy Life, it’s an easy thing to overlook, and if you’re like most people, it’s far easier for your brain to hang on to the bad things rather than the good things. Following this line means that you’re much more likely to feel low, negative and useless, as that’s what your brain is storing away.

This might not read very much like a magick post, but believe me it IS. When your mind is in its optimum frame, you’re far more likely to have success with any workings that you do, as you are giving off positivity, and that helps your conjure to work far better, just as feeding and watering a plant helps it to grow and strengthen, so it is better able to cope with times when life isn’t so easy.

So give it a go. Start to notice the small things and the bigger things will become easier to obtain and achieve. Your positive attitude will act like a magnifying glass, and suddenly good things will start to be drawn to you. If that’s not magick, I don’t know what is!

If you try this, let me know what results you have. I can say for one that it really turned my life around. It might take a while, but it’s one of the most useful tools you can have in your kit.