Past life answers to present life problems …

Do you have an inexplicable fear of heights? Feel uncomfortable in confined spaces? Can’t hold onto money, no matter how hard you work or how much you earn? Or maybe you have some weird, nagging ache or pain that you can’t quite explain how you got it?past life 2.jpg

You could go and take a look at the standard types of therapy, or try to avoid the situations that trigger your responses … Or, you could try to get to the root cause of them by looking into the possibility of past life trauma, and see if there’s something lurking in your past that suddenly makes sense of your physical or mental discomfort.

I didĀ justĀ that … Not that I was looking for any specific reason – it was something that drew me like a magnet, and since I’ve journeyed on a few past life sessions now, I felt like maybe it was time to put it out there and perhaps it can help you to understand what makes you tick a little better …

There are a few excellent online past life sessions – some will take you through the passing process in whichever life you stumble across, but if you find the thought of “dying”, even in a past life makes you anxious, there are many others to choose from which do not include this step. However, I would add that the couple of times that I’ve experienced “dying”, even though one of them was quite violent, I felt NO pain, aside from a little discomfort, and my fear of dying, or others dying has been eased quite significantly.

If you would like any recommendations, feel free to message me for more information.

I also offer personalised past life readings, which can help you to start looking into the gifts you may have brought with you from a past life as well as looking into anything which may be causing you problems.

Don’t let past life memories hold you back from enjoying your present life to the fullest!