magical perfumes

How to make magical perfumes

magical perfumes

When you were small, did you ever rustle up your own magick perfume? You know the kind of thing, rose petals in water with a sprinkle of magick mixed in?

Well this is the grown up take, and with “that time of year” fast approaching, it makes an amazing gift. I’m getting into blending up some hot, sexy hoodoo versions, and if you want to be an individual and stand out from the crowd, your own signature scent is a good way to go.

Your friends will be asking what it is that you’re wearing, and you can just smile, and if you feel kind offer them a recipe – but always keep your blend unique to YOU …

Solid perfumes are so much better for you too, as they don’t contain the chemical nasties. They can look beautiful too, as you can use lockets or poison rings to hold them so they’re always at hand.

This is one basic recipe to give you an idea, but the variations are endless, once you know how to combine base, middle and top notes.

But on to the making … This is what you need for this Autumnal woodsy, out for a walk in the countryside perfume:

  • 1.5 teaspoons jojoba oil
  • 5 grams beeswax
  • 11 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 8 drops clary sage essential oil
  • 6 drops fir needle essential oil
  • 5 drops juniper essential oil
  • Locket, old pocket watch or even a small shallow glass jar popsicle stick for stirring

Remember that these oils also have magickal properties, so you can use whatever you’re aiming for, and no-one will ever know, except you.

In a double boiler or over very low heat melt the beeswax. Remove from heat. Stir in the oil. Add the essential oils and stir well. While still a hot liquid, pour the mixture into your desired containers.

Then just let it set and you’re good to go. This only makes a very small amount, so you might want to multiply it up …

So if you get a headache from a lot of commercial perfumes – even the top of the range ones – you now have a solution at your finger tips.

Have you got any favorite recipes that you’ve put together? And did they work if you were using them in spell work? Drop me an email, or head over to my Facebook page to message me.

Sizzling hot love spell to seduce your lover on the astral plane

Sizzling hot love spell to seduce your lover on the astral plane

Sizzling hot love spell to seduce your lover on the astral plane

This red hot witchcraft love spell involves turning yourself into a female lust demon to make a guy infatuated with you…

According to folklore, the succubus was the manifestation of a female demon who tormented monks with lustful dreams while they slept, hoping to seduce them into breaking their vow of chastity.

What better way to torment a celibate monk than tempting him with sexual pleasure?

Some say that Lilith was the first succubus, that she was the first wife of Adam, but was replaced by Eve for being too feisty!

Other folklore says that she was banished to Hell, where she proved to be too much for even The Prince of Darkness himself to handle.

Therefore, proceed with this ritual with caution and be prepared for sparks to fly!

However, that is only one side of it. You can trace the roots of the succubus to an ancient magikal technique that was used by women to make the object of their affections become infatuated with them.

Dare you try it?

If so, the technique involves astrally projecting your spirit body into the dreams of your chosen man (or woman, if that is your inclination), making those dreams tantalizing, and seducing your chosen lover on the etheric plane.

Although rarely covered in the annals history of love magic, it’s one of THE most powerful methods of winning the complete attentions of your chosen target. It’s well worth a try if you are friends with someone and want to turn your relationship around into a full blown “passion with no boundaries” love affair.

This is how you transform yourself into a wanton succubus and astrally travel into the dreams of the guy you have the hots for:

(1) Dress up

Before you begin your love magick ritual, dress up in your sexiest clothes, including lingerie; knowing that under your outer clothing, you are wearing the secret layer of the temptress that is only known to you and your chosen one. This is hugely empowering, and heightens the sexual electricity.

Similarly, apply your make-up to emphasise your best features, just as you would if you were going to actually meet the person. This will get you in a seductive mood.

(2) Right time

Choose a time when the man you are interested in has been asleep for an hour or so. Make certain of this, either by phoning him earlier in the evening, or by chatting to him on social networks, so you know when he has signed off.

(3) Right place

Do your love ritual in a room where you won’t be disturbed – your bedroom would be ideal. If you have an essential oil burner, it would be worth burning some Ylang Ylang, which is associated with sensuality. The same goes for red or purple candles with the same fragrance, as the colours add to the visual power.

(4) Relax

Then lie down comfortably on the bed or on a mat on the floor, however you feel most relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and imagine waves of vibrant well-being pulsing through your body. Particularly focus your attention on the “Dantian” acupoint around the mound of your belly and the pit of your stomach. Picture swirling warmth and energy building up in that area.

(5) Travel to your lover

Now imagine yourself rising slowly out of your body, become aware of yourself floating, and then float free from your house to the home of your chosen one. Picture him clearly, build an exact representation of him in your mind’s eye; if there are features which you find super attractive, focus on those, as it helps to add strength to the vision and the magick. Float above him as he sleeps. Feel the energy from the Dantian surging through you.

(6) Merge with your lover

Take a deep breath, and send your whole body into his, so you literally meld with him, and become one body. Release some of the energy from your Dantian to share with him, and allow it to surge through both of your bodies, which are joined as one. Imagine that the atoms in your bodies are inter-mingling, dancing together and fusing you into one.

(7) Withdraw and return

When you are satiated, slowly extract your body from his, maybe take time to seal the energy within him by planting a feather-light kiss on his brow, lips or stomach, and then gently allow yourself to float back to your own home.

(8) Grounding

Revel for a while in the super-charged energy state that has been created, and when you are ready, take some deep breaths, and ground yourself by slowly becoming aware of the objects in your room.

✴ If staying up late doesn’t bother you, it is well worth the effort of performing this love magick ritual three nights in a row. If you persevere, your “dream lover” will become a physical reality.

Big time gambling luck spell: Throw the dice, get lucky and pull big wins, calling upon Italian goddess Turanna

Big time gambling luck spell: Throw the dice, get lucky and pull big wins, calling upon Italian goddess Turanna

Big time gambling luck spell: Throw the dice, get lucky and pull big wins, calling upon Italian goddess Turanna

Most witches don’t call on a love goddess for gambling luck. But I’ve had some real luck calling upon the Turanna, the Italian equivalent of Venus. Naturally, she’s considered lucky in matters of love, but she also favors gamblers and fortune tellers.

My little bit of luck involved three lottery wins that paid for some steep utility bills and a few small home improvements – thank you, Turanna!

Anyway, Turanna’s lucky number is six, which is throwing sixes with dice is often referred to as “The Venus Throw”.

This is what you do to get Turanna to smile upon you for gambling luck…

First, make an altar to Turanna. It can be on a cupboard, a piece of wood, or simply on the floor.

Once you’ve decided on your altar location, take a pack of cards and remove the Queen of Hearts. This will represent Turanna.

Place the card somewhere where it won’t be disturbed, maybe on a gold altar cloth, and then place three dice, all showing the number six in front of the card.

Make offerings to Turanna – things like sweet liqueurs, perfume and flowers are favorites of Thuranna.

Make sure that if she brings you Luck, you give her further gifts to keep drawing her blessings to you. Any other items can be added to your altar that you feel are lucky to you. Lucky charms for example, would be a really good addition.

May Turanna and gambling Luck be with you!

Love spell to return your ex - with free sigils you can use - this one will bring your lover back fast

Love spell to return your ex – with free sigils you can use – this one will bring your lover back fast

Love spell to return your ex - with free sigils you can use - this one will bring your lover back fast

This love spell harnesses the power of the “Love Spirit” to bring back your ex lover, and uses it as a huge generator of Love electricity…

If your long term partner has left you, it’s definitely worth trying this love spell to bring them running back. I’ve created sigils for you to print out too (see below), which you can use to cast your spell.

So what is the “Love Spirit”?

The Love Spirit is a mysterious force that weaves and whirls its magic through all of the towns and cities on Earth, and is powered by the revved up love energy produced by all of the positive romances, love affairs and marriages that have been born and come to fruition in whatever area it dwells in.

You could see the Love Spirit as a thoughtform that has manifested from the aspirations and experiences of lovers from the time that towns and cities were first built. With the advent of urban areas you naturally had larger populations in the same vicinity and this let to people’s collective psyche creating the Love Spirit, albeit unknowingly.

With such a super charged battery, it goes without saying that calling on the Love Spirit is one of the most powerful ways to cast a spell, certainly if you live in a city or town (rural magick is a different ball game).

So let’s get started…

This is what you do:

✴ Print or draw the three love sigils below, and then carefully cut them out. It’s worth remembering that the more effort you put into this, the better the result, so you can personalize your sigils and use nice paper or parchment. Anything that will let the Love Spirit know that you mean business.

There are many forms of sigils, the ones I’ve chosen to head this post are drawn from trance and the subconscious mind. But most civilizations had their own, so it’s worth having a look around if you need some more inspiration.


✴ Now write the full name of your partner on the back of each of the sigils. You can use biro or any kind of pen, but again put the most that you can into it. If you have it, you can always use dove’s blood ink for some extra souped-up power.

✴ Go to the heart of your city or town at midnight on a day of your choice, but ideally choose a clear starry night. Take the first sigil to the city registry office, cathedral or church – anywhere that holds a lot of marriage ceremonies. Find a nook or cranny on the outside of the building to conceal your sigil. As you hide it, call on the Love Spirit to guide your working.

✴ Next, go to a bar or club that is associated with couples meeting for a night out. Choose somewhere nice – you don’t want to go wasting your precious power on just any old dive. If you wouldn’t take your partner there for a special night out to remember, don’t use it. That doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive place, just somewhere that you know you would both have a really wonderful evening together. Again, conceal the second sigil somewhere around the outside of the building, and again thank the Love Spirit.

✴ Lastly, take the third sigil to the very heart of the city or town. Carefully hide it anywhere within a 300 yard radius of the center, even under a stone or in a flowerbed if there is one. Thank the Love Spirit once more (she likes a lot of thanks!), and maybe leave her a small offering of a piece of candy or a flower.

✴ Don’t worry too much about how you conceal the sigils. The whole point is that they meld with the Love Spirit and the power of the city. The Love Spirit will get the message more or less immediately, as she’s always looking out for a little love to spread around to people who need it. So if the sigils get washed away or swept up by the trash collector, it doesn’t matter. Their job is done. You have delivered the intention of your spell directly to the Love Spirit in the city, just like using FedEx!

✴ When you’re done, return to your home and wait for your partner to return. Don’t be afraid to call them, it’s okay to make some of the running. But never under any circumstances allow yourself to appear needy or desperate, as this will push them away. Always stay cool and just lay on the charm.

How to summon Hecate, Queen of the Witches

Hecate Witch Queen

Ok my wicchy friends, we’re going to get dark and dirty and acquaint ourselves with Hecate, Queen of the witches…

It’s a particularly fitting time of year to acquaint yourself with Hecate, as we have not one but two nights in November associated with her – the 16th November is Hecate’s Night in relation to the Underworld, and is the ideal time to dedicate yourself to her.

Then on the 30th November, we have Hecate’s night devoted to her role of the guardian at the Crossroads.

Any wicche worth their protective circle of salt knows that we walk with the shadows. Of course we’re quite at home with the “Hello flowers, hello trees, hello clouds” approach, but we are equally likely to be saying “Hello moon, hello bats, hello darkness” (my old friend?) …

Hecate is connected to the dead, the wisdom of the ancestors and the ways of all creatures of the realm. She is also connected with the memories of the earth itself. She is empowered with the knowledge that comes from age and practice, all forms of divination and visions. She stands at the gateway between accepted reality and the world of spirit.

Aside from all four directions at the crossroads, she dwells within the space above and below, the space between worlds where we interact with spirits. She is also associated with the Three Keys, governing the roads to knowledge, protection and prosperity.

Working with her offers you safety while walking in the shadows, clarifies signals and messages and sharpens your intuition.

Before you work with her, it is wise to take the time to sit and listen to her and get to know her…

Working with her can open you up to facing up to your darker subconscious, so you need to be confident that you are ready to take some potentially uncomfortable things about yourself on board. She won’t sugar coat things, so really make sure that you are ready for that possibility.

The shadow world is reached through a state of trance, and entering that space can bring you into contact with confused or deceitful spirits who would like nothing better than to attach  themselves to you, which is why it’s vitally important to ensure that you protect yourself with a circle of protection of some kind.

However, this should not deter you on your path, as what better adventure could you have than to acknowledge and safely travel amongst the shadows of the night?

Why would you want to enter the world of shadows?

Well, aside from discovering and accepting things about yourself, you can use the energies of the night for sharpening your abilities for scrying, dreamwork or for gathering energies to use for charging your magick tool-box.

In this case, we’re going to look at using the powers to create a fetish charm to draw the spirit of Hecate into an object to use in protection and magickal workings.

You will need a bone for this, if like me, you have familiars who bring you “gifts” you can carefully use any bones from these, after cleansing and purifying them. If however you’re a little squeamish about this (which to tell the truth, am, but more than a creature losing it’s Life, I hate to see that not serve any useful purpose), you can buy bones online.

The best type to go for are what you would term creatures of the night and darkness, so frogs, toads, ravens … I have recently seen ethically sourced mole vertebrae for sale, which would be ideal. Even if you choose to go for the option of buying the bones, make sure to cleanse and purify them, maybe using boiling water and then bury them in sea salt for a day or two.

Work with Hecate on the dark of the moon…

Remember that when you call in Hecate, you are inviting the shadow world and all that is connected with that world. You will be able to tell by how you feel within yourself if working with Hecate is for you.

If you choose to fashion your bone fetish, the best place to perform the drawing down of Hecate is at a crossroads. Suitable offerings to her would include mushrooms, raw eggs, bread, cake, cheese, dandelions and grapes. You can also leave feathers, and use something like werewolves incense. You can also use black or red candles dressed with garlic oil, mugwort or mint oil.

After you have chosen, created and cleansed your ritual space, draw a crescent moon pierced by a lightning bolt (the sigil of Hecate) in the dust using a stick or stone. Call on Hecate by singing to her, using your own words to make the working more powerful. Tell her exactly why you wish to carry her knowledge and grace with you.

Make the whole experience as personal to you as you can…

And don’t forget to close your ritual space and brush away the sigil when you have finished. As you walk away from your ritual space do not look back.

You can repeat this ritual to strengthen the bond on nights when the moon is dark. You can either carry your charged bone in a magick pouch, or place it on your altar or use it to make sacred jewellery. Bones which have a hole in them, such as mole vertebrae lend themselves to this purpose, as they are easier to thread or use as sacred earrings.

Be aware that working with bones is an ancient practice which will bring you a closer bond with the earth, and can lead to very profound experiences. If you are ready to receive these insights, your Life will only be enriched by them as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

Banishing spell to cleanse your home of negative energy and bad spirits

Banishing spell to cleanse your home of negative energy and bad spirits

Banishing spell to cleanse your home of negative energy and bad spirits

If your house is plagued by negative energy, or haunted by bad spirits, this banishing spell will bring back the positive and remove all malevolent forces…

Are you bothered by a feeling that things just don’t “feel quite right” in your home? It could be that you’ve moved into a  new house or apartment and the previous occupants have left behind some unwanted negative energy, or maybe someone has visited you that you really didn’t want invading your space but you had no choice.

Or worse, a bad spirit might have entered your home, either sent there by a nefarious spiritual worker, or it entered of it’s own accord. Either that or the previous occupants might have been up to some seriously bad stuff (it happens).

When a bad spirit enters your place of it’s own accord, this is usually down to it being inadvertently “invited.” Like say you are at a really low ebb, very depressed, and the sheer negativity is attractive to some more baleful entities… they literally feed off it. Or if you’ve been having serious arguments with your partner or somebody else, again, this attracts the worst kind of spirits.

Mostly, you don’t need to worry about bad spirits entering your house in this way – it’s pretty rare, but does sometimes happen.

What you do need to worry about, however, is that these negative forces, be they bad energies or baleful spirits, can wreak havoc in your life – disrupt or break up loving relationships, bring bad luck, money misfortunes, loss of your job, and eventually even loss of your house.

So what can you do to rid your home of bad energy?

Well, witches who are slightly fluffy around the edges would suggest smudging, but if you want to nail the job properly, you need to go a bit darker than just wafting a bit of smoke around.

This working will have your living spaces shinier than a new pin and sparkling with positive energies faster than Mary Poppins snapping her fingers to tidy up. And any bad spirits will be sent packing, scrambling to get out of you house like a mouse with a big black alley cat on its tail.

So let’s get to it…

This spell working is best done at twilight on the eve of a New Moon. And you will need:

  • One candle for each room of your house – don’t forget bathrooms and laundry or utility rooms, as that’s where nasty gremlins love to hang around the most. I would use beeswax candles, as being natural, they lend themselves to absorbing and neutralising things better than something fancy.
  • A small bowl or dish for each room
  • Banishing oil or powder
  • Smudge stick
  • Coffin nail
  • A fireproof dish
  • Around 4 oz or 100 g of rough sea salt
  • Paper bag
  • Small gardening shovel
  • Lighter or matches

This is what you do:

• At twilight, go outside and collect some earth from each of the four sides of your house. If you don’t have four sides, collect it from as closely as you can to what would be the four sides. Put the earth in the paper bag.

• Return inside, and place a couple of tablespoons of earth into each bowl. With your finger, poke a hole in each of the piles of earth, so that you can see the bottom of the bowl.

• Place a bowl in the center of each room. Beginning at the back of the house, furthest from the front door, take a candle in one hand and the banishing oil or powder in the other, with the bowl of earth in front of you. Exhale and breathe out worries, inhale and breathe in peace. Exhale again and breath out weakness and breathe in power. Exhale a third time and breathe out sadness and breathe in calm. State aloud that you are ready to remove all draining energies from your home, and remove any nefarious entities that mean you harm.

• Now light the candle and carefully drip enough wax into the hole to allow you to stand the candle in the bowl and fix it safely. Once the wax has set, sprinkle some banishing oil or powder in a clockwise circle around the candle, onto the earth.

As you do this, say:

“I remove and banish all harmful energies and evil spirits. You are not welcome, and are sent away from this space”.

• Moving from the back to the front of the house, repeat the above in every room. Remember to check the candles from time to time to make sure that they are burning safely. When you have repeated this throughout the house, go back to the first candle. It may well have burned out, but if not, extinguish it and then place the contents of the bowl into the paper bag (taking care that it’s not still hot enough to burn the bag!) Again, repeat this in turn with each room in the house, until all of the bowls are empty.

• The negative energies and baleful spirits are now absorbed by the earth. Go to your nearest graveyard, dig a shallow hole and place the bag inside and cover it over. As you do so, call on the graveyard spirits to take care of the spirits that you have buried. Take the coffin nail and hammer it into the ground. Thank the graveyard spirits and make sure that you leave some candy or a libation of liquor for their help. Then head home, remembering NOT to look back, and take a different route so that you don’t end up taking any other bad spirits into your newly cleaned home!

• Now you can go fluffy witch and use your smudge stick. Make sure again that you clear every last nook and cranny, particularly if you find that you get black smoke in some places, and making sure to smudge reflective surfaces like mirrors. Also take special care around chimneys if you have them in your home.

• When you have done this, take the ashes from the smudge stick, place them in another paper bag, and then take them to the nearest running water.

Throw the ashes into the water and say:

“All is cleansed, evil is banished, all is done, and so mote it be”.

• Remember again to give thanks and leave an offering for the help from the spirits.

So now you should have a shiny home, sparkling with new positive energies, and free of bad spirits. And the only other places you may need to use any more of your energies on are cleaning the cooker, under the fridge – oh, and maybe down the side of the sofa cushions. There shouldn’t be any malicious energy hiding there by now, but you may just find yourself a few coins in loose change for your efforts!

Boost your libido with this sizzling witchcraft spell

Boost your libido with this sizzling witchcraft spell

sultry lady

If your libido is flagging from a busy lifestyle, use a little witchcraft to revive your sexual mojo…

The hectic lives we lead often leave little time to invest in keeping our sexual mojo alive and buzzing. Work stresses and other problems mount up in our heads, and before you know it, BANG! the passion just starts to ebb away …

Maybe you feel like the spark is fizzling out in your relationship – it might be you, or your partner or both … If you want to grab your libido by the horns before it sputters out like a dud firework, here’s a simple but effective spell you can use to turn up the heat again.

It works for males and females – or gender fluid if that’s where you’re at – and you can do it alone or with a partner, which might help ramp up the lust factor to boiling point before you even get to the end of the working. If so, I hope the earth moved for you 

This spell working is carried out over three nights, and you will need a photo of your partner, or yourself if it is for a solitary working to tweak up your own passion-meter. If you are doing this as a couple, you could use two separate photos or one of you together in a loving, sexy mood.

Aside from this, you will need

  • 4 red candles
  • 1 white candle
  • A few drops of essential oil that puts you “in the mood for Love”. Again, if doing this as a couple, you can choose one that appeals to you both, or two separate oils if you both have different favorites.
  • 3 mint leaves
  • Red garnet stone
  • Ylang Ylang incense
  • Something red to wear – it doesn’t have to be an entire red outfit, but a silk scarf or underwear or maybe a tie for him would work well.

Put a few drops of your essential oil or oils into a bowl of water and mix them well. Rinse your hands in the water to purify yourselves. This may seem a strange thing to do bearing in mind what your intent is, but believe me, it helps.

Next, place the red candles at the four points of the compass, and the white candle in the middle. Put the incense to the left of the white candle, and an offering bowl containing the mint leaves and garnet to the right. Put the photo in front of the white candle.

Now open your circle, light the red candles then the white candle and lastly the incense. Take the white candle and drop a few drops of wax onto the photo. Pick up the bowl containing the mint leaves and garnet – if you are doing this as a couple, pick the bowl up together – and visualise the whole of your circle being filled with a glowing red light.

Carry on visualising this until you feel that the air around you is completely charged with pulsating passion. Stay totally focused on this, and feel yourselves absorbing the energies, and as you do this, repeat the following incantation 5 times:

“I/we call upon you, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love,
Stir and awaken the fire within (name of person),
Stir and awaken his/her desire and passion,
Now and everlasting may our flame of Love burn.”

Thank the Goddess, extinguish the candles and close your circle. Let the incense burn itself out to represent your spent passion. Repeat this ritual for three nights, and you should find that this will re-charge your love batteries to the max!

Witchcraft curse using Deadly Nightshade

belladonna bottle

Belladonna, otherwise known as Deadly Nightshade, is a must-have cursing ingredient in any vengeful witch’s armory…

To lay a curse on an enemy, you’ll need some Belladonna, which can be difficult to find, but I was lucky enough to come across when I was out for a walk recently.

People tend to get rid of it as it’s poisonous, but you can still find it occasionally. Just remember you need to be extremely careful with it and keep it well away from kids and pets. Belladonna really is as deadly as its common name “Deadly Nightshade” suggests.

You will need:

  • A small glass bottle
  • Black curse rice
  • A needle
  • A black candle
  • Some metal filings or rust flakes
  • Dried belladonna

Light the black candle, and as it burns, focus all of your attention on the person that you are cursing, and why you are doing it. Make sure that you do this with all the intent and emotional intensity that you can muster as you cast the spell.

Put all of the correspondences (ingredients) into the bottle, and when the candle has started to melt, carefully start to drip the wax into the bottle. You are aiming to fill it up to at least a third, so it’s a good idea to start with a bottle that’s not too large. You also need to cover all of the ingredients with the wax. As you do this, again focus on your purpose for doing it, and add all of that intent into the working.

Finally, spit into the bottle and say “a curse be upon you” five times and seal the bottle up.

Bury it in the open somewhere quiet, and within a few days it should start to “work like a charm” as they say…

Black magick hex bag - darkside spell to curse an enemy

Black magick hex bag – darkside spell to curse an enemy

Black magick hex bag - darkside spell to curse an enemy

Use this black curse spell to hit back against noisy neighbors, workplace bullies, and anybody bugging you…

Maybe it’s the darker evenings, maybe it’s because we’ve just passed Hallowe’en, maybe it’s just because I’m feeling evil, but the darker side is definitely coming to the surface these days.

This little bag of darkness is used in the same way as a traditional mojo bag, but with a pinch more of the devilish about it. If you have someone who’s really been bugging you, say a noisy neighbor or a work colleague who keeps hassling you, then you might like to put one of these together to give them a taste of their own medicine,

Remember,  black magick is frowned upon by some. But if you have a genuine gripe with someone, and you feel happy with using it, then as long as you protect yourself, go ahead …

You don’t need much to put this parcel of mischief together, all it takes is:

  • Black fabric bag
  • Black curse rice
  • A chunk of dragon’s blood resin
  • Basil
  • Rue
  • Wormwood
  • Nettle
  • Pentacle charm

If you can’t get hold of all 4 herbs, you can check for others to use online for this purpose, but you really want to have a couple of those in there. The pentacle charm can be made of anything, and you can use one that you get from a dollar store, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. As we’ve just passed Hallowe’en, you might be lucky enough to find them at a discount, in which case I would buy a few and stash some away, as you never know when someone will give you a burning desire to put one of these hex bombs to work.

All you need to do is place everything in the bag – no special words or rituals, just concentrate on why they’re annoying you and pour all of that intent into the bag along with the ingredients. There you go, done and dusted!

Lastly, you want to place your hex bag as close to your intended target as possible. Maybe in a desk or locker, or you could bury it as near to their house as you can.

Whichever you choose, you can allow yourself a smirk of satisfaction after you’ve left your gift, and know that you won’t be getting grief from them for much longer!

Free voodoo money spell that works

Free voodoo money spell that works

Free voodoo money spell that works

If somebody has put the evil eye on you, or is blocking the flow of money coming to you, this is one of the simplest and most powerful voodoo spells that will bring cash to you fast.

It will remove any jinx and money will start coming your way before you know it.

Here’s what you do:

• At midnight take a lemon and hang it by the front door of your home. Dust the lemon with red chili powder, and repeat the following chant 10 times:


The red chili powder will destroy and remove any negative energy or evil magic that has been sent your way.

• The next morning, take the lemon down and cut it in half. Take it somewhere quiet away from your home, squeeze some of the juice onto the ground while imagining that money is coming to you in a never ending flow, and then bury the lemon or throw it into running water.

You should start to see an increase on your finances almost immediately, but it may come from unexpected sources, and not necessarily in large amounts.

Remember that even a small but steady increase in your money luck will grow to large amounts…

Another thing you can do to attract money is to keep a money jar…

I do this myself. When I’m out-and-about I keep any coins I come across and put them in my money jar (and I only use that jar for this purpose, never for anything else).

The idea behind this is that the Multiverse will see that you are grateful for any blessings that it sends your way, and as a consequence is more likely to send further opportunities to make money.

You might like to try this too. If you do, you can also dress a green candle with money oil and burn it next to the money jar when the moon phase is right for growth.

Remember in all money workings that great oaks from little acorns grow, and see even the smallest amounts as helping you towards improving your finances and reaching your goal.