Devil’s traps

devils trap

“First, trap your devil… “

Some would have it that Devil’s traps only came into existence with the advent of the TV series Supernatural.  Before that presumably Devils were free to gallivant around full of the joys of Spring.

Well hold on a goddamned moment – according to research, the premise that Devil’s traps were based on Solomon’s Seal and all that Grimoire stuff doesn’t hold Holy water. So you don’t need to be drawing out all those complicated symbols and worrying that you’ve made a slight error so the evil will hit you full force.

If you want to go with that explanation, then check out The Old Testament, where King Solomon was given a gift of a ring by Archangel Michael, which was inscribed with a magickal seal which had the power to control daemons. Hence Solomon’s Seal, and there was I thinking that’s just a plant root used in blending oils …

Back as far as the days of Ancient Babylon, terracotta bowls decorated with magick symbols were buried upside down at the corners of houses and important buildings to “trap” evil spirits, and the people of Tibet used ram’s skulls to craft vessels for a similar use.

So you see, it really goes back further than Netflix …

Aside from drawn symbols, you can also make Devil’s trap powder by blending together equal quantities of rue, basil and cloves. Pound them all together, and then hang in muslin sachets around your home in areas that need extra protection – windows, doors and chimneys for instance.

If you have a little more time, you can use the herb blend to produce a Devil’s trap water or oil. For the water, simply boil 3 teaspoons of each herb in a cup of water, then cool and strain, and use to anoint windows, door handles and keyholes. For the oil, again add 3 teaspoons of each to a cup of carrier oil. It’s best if you can allow it to steep for around 3 months, when it will reach its full potency. Give it a gentle shake every now and then to release the magick into the oil.

Whichever you choose, it’s a good idea to repeat the anointing weekly, and before you re-apply, give the object a wipe over with something like Florida Water or Kananga Water to remove any negativity that they may have been trapped in those little nooks and crannies.

So there you have it – a simple way to protect your home from all of those little evil munchkins that might be crawling out of the woodwork now that All Hallow’s Eve is so close … Oh, and don’t forget to hang a sachet outside your home to prevent the little devils trying to get in that way too.

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