Dream interpretation from UK witch proved the key to returning client’s ex

dream snake

I couldn’t believe it when my dream interpretation led to her man coming back…

Her dream was pretty strange, and she’d asked me to do a dream interpretation for her. What was I to do? To be honest, I was pretty stumped!

I mused on her dream for a whole day (I won’t mention her name as I believe in upholding client confidentiality). Without disclosing too many details this was the gist of her dream:

She’d dreamt that she was going down into a basement, only to find that when she got there, it was over-run with double headed snakes. I knew it must have something to do with the fact her boyfriend had left her recently for somebody else, and she was devastated. I knew her dream interpretation had to be related to that. It was obvious the symbols in her dream revolved around her losing the man she loved to another woman.

And then it hit me! I had my dream interpretation in the bag.

Basements are one of the places where people try to hide things – just think how we all hide behind the cushions when someone visits the cellar in horror films. Snakes can be tricky little critters to deal with in dreams. Sometimes they can bring surprisingly positive news, but the fact they were in the cellar pointed to the possibility of sneaky behavior to me. The fact they were double headed upped the likelihood even more.

I spoke to her and told her what it seemed likely was trying to get through to her.

“There are two ways to look at this” I said, “You can either turn around and go back up the steps and ignore it and look for someone else or you can front it out with him. It’s your choice”

She was so convinced that this was the man for her that she braved up to it and spoke to him. He admitted that he had been attracted to someone else, but the grass hadn’t turned out to be greener on the other side after all. He begged her forgiveness and promised that he wanted the same as she did, and that he would put all of his efforts into getting their relationship back on track. He said it was almost a relief that her dream had brought the situation out in the open, as he was struggling with the guilt, and just wanted things to work out between them but didn’t know how to start.

I had no idea my interpretation of her dream would lead to her getting her man back! But somehow the dream symbolism I analysed in my dream interpretation led to her subconscious mind finding the key to returning her man. He came running back and true to his word invested his time in her, and now they’re happier than they ever were!

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