Free voodoo money spell that works

Free voodoo money spell that works

If somebody has put the evil eye on you, or is blocking the flow of money coming to you, this is one of the simplest and most powerful voodoo spells that will bring cash to you fast.

It will remove any jinx and money will start coming your way before you know it.

Here’s what you do:

• At midnight take a lemon and hang it by the front door of your home. Dust the lemon with red chili powder, and repeat the following chant 10 times:


The red chili powder will destroy and remove any negative energy or evil magic that has been sent your way.

• The next morning, take the lemon down and cut it in half. Take it somewhere quiet away from your home, squeeze some of the juice onto the ground while imagining that money is coming to you in a never ending flow, and then bury the lemon or throw it into running water.

You should start to see an increase on your finances almost immediately, but it may come from unexpected sources, and not necessarily in large amounts.

Remember that even a small but steady increase in your money luck will grow to large amounts…

Another thing you can do to attract money is to keep a money jar…

I do this myself. When I’m out-and-about I keep any coins I come across and put them in my money jar (and I only use that jar for this purpose, never for anything else).

The idea behind this is that the Multiverse will see that you are grateful for any blessings that it sends your way, and as a consequence is more likely to send further opportunities to make money.

You might like to try this too. If you do, you can also dress a green candle with money oil and burn it next to the money jar when the moon phase is right for growth.

Remember in all money workings that great oaks from little acorns grow, and see even the smallest amounts as helping you towards improving your finances and reaching your goal.