Herbal baths: Blend your way to your magick desires!

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Herbal baths can be used to bring happiness and trust, love and lust, and peace of mind and protection…

Yet again, something that’s been around since at least the days of the Ancient Egyptians suddenly finds itself in vogue and splashed across the glossy magazines as being THE latest thing … So what are we talking about? Herbal baths, that’s what.

Elle magazine recently featured images of Mariah Carey bathing in milk, and even Madge has videoed herself luxuriating in a bath filled with basil … So how can we follow in the footsteps of the likes of Cleopatra without coming out of the bath smelling not like yogurt, but more like roses?

Spiritual baths have always been in my go-to wicchy tool kit. Whatever the situation, there’s a bath to go with it – stressed? Try a blend based on chamomile flowers, linden blossom and ground almonds. Tired? Give the blend of rosemary, dried lemon verbena and cornmeal a try. Want to give your Love life some oomph? Swirl in the patchouli, ylang ylang and rose buds.

I’ve recently decided to add in a spiritual bath element to my workings that I do for customers, as it can really help to set the scene for any magick that you intend to do, and prepares you mentally and physically. My Rite of Freya working contains a bath tea bag based around linden blossom and pink Himalayan sea salt, with Otto of rose, orange oil and ylang ylang for example.

Since researching the powers of the triskele with regard to supercharging the energies of water, I think it makes sense to wind one and pop that in too, just for good measure.

If you want to experiment with the powers of the magickal bath yourself, you just need to get your ingredients together, and find yourself some small muslin drawstring bags. I would suggest the following, but just do some googling and find yourself the herbs and oils that resonate with the purpose you are looking for.

Fine oatmeal is a good base, as it adds in a silkiness to the water, and is really good for the skin. I also recommend some good quality salt crystals for the cleansing and purification process. I favor pink Himalayan salt, as I mentioned, but any good unrefined salt is good.

If you’re going to use oils, I suggest adding them to your salt in a small china or glass bowl and giving them a good mix. While you do this, concentrate on the intention of your working.

Then just pop them into your muslin bag, along with the herbs and whatever else you are going to use, and it’s done! As I said, I’d pop a triskele in there too now, but that’s up to you.

When you use your bag, go with the same routine as you would for any other spiritual bath – start with a shower to remove negative energies, and allow yourself to air dry. While you dry, run the bath, and either pop the bag over the faucet, or drop it directly into the tub. You may like to burn a candle of a corresponding color for the work that you are doing as you bathe, which you can dress with oil before lighting.

Then take your well deserved bath. Relax, and really allow yourself to soak up the positive energies that are released from your blend. You can also use the bag to gently wash yourself, and give the bag a gentle squeeze to make sure that you get every last drop of magick from the ingredients.

So, on to a brief list of additions you might like to try for different purposes:

  • Chamomile for happiness and trust
  • Cinnamon for prosperity, psychic abilities and divination
  • Licorice for love and lust
  • Mint or peppermint for healing, protection and love
  • Jasmine for protection
  • Lavender for relaxation, peace of mind and protection

The combinations are endless, but whichever you decide to try, just try not to sing like the “I sing to the dolphins” Carey, or you may find yourself swimming with dolphins in your tub, and I take no responsibility for that … 

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