How to cast a seduction spell

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Learn how to cast a seduction spell so irresistible it will leave your lover – or prospective lovers – begging to be your sex slave….

This spellworking is all about leading your lover – or anybody you’ve got your eyes on – into temptation. Making them so filled with desire for you that they can’t think of anybody else but you.

It’s bad, it’s manipulative, it’s calculating…

But hey, what’s witchcraft about, if it isn’t about casting spells to make everybody you come into contact with drooling with desire for you, and wanting to be your willing sex slave?

Anyway, the key to this dastardly spellworking is Seduction Oil, which you wear as a perfume on a daily basis. This means it’s subtle. No strange looking witch charms or amulets hanging around your neck.

In short, nobody will guess what your game is. The subtle aromas of the Seduction Oil will take them unawares… and boom! You’ll have hooked them so hard they’ll be drooling wrecks, desperate to do your every bidding.

So let’s look at how you make the all-enticing Seduction Oil…

  • Place two tablespoons of cloves in two ounces of olive oil, and crush and blend them thoroughly with a pestle and mortar. You can also add a little ground cinnamon to “spice things up”.
    • NOTE: If you are daring enough to add some of your love juices to the mixture, it will give it a nuclear blast of power.
  • Pour the resulting oil into a small bottle.
  • Add a small piece of Verbena root (which is said to make the passions rise) to the bottle of Seduction oil.
  • Before use, store it in a dark place for seven days.

Now it’s time to put the Seduction Oil into action…

  • Anoint yourself behind the ears, under your left armpit, on the back of your neck and between your thighs.
  • As you do this, say the following:

“Oil of Love, flow through me, seduction is my specialty.”

Give this seduction spell a go and watch the flames of passion burn in those around you… Mind your fingers, though!

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