How to summon Hecate, Queen of the Witches

Hecate Witch Queen

Ok my wicchy friends, we’re going to get dark and dirty and acquaint ourselves with Hecate, Queen of the witches…

It’s a particularly fitting time of year to acquaint yourself with Hecate, as we have not one but two nights in November associated with her – the 16th November is Hecate’s Night in relation to the Underworld, and is the ideal time to dedicate yourself to her.

Then on the 30th November, we have Hecate’s night devoted to her role of the guardian at the Crossroads.

Any wicche worth their protective circle of salt knows that we walk with the shadows. Of course we’re quite at home with the “Hello flowers, hello trees, hello clouds” approach, but we are equally likely to be saying “Hello moon, hello bats, hello darkness” (my old friend?) …

Hecate is connected to the dead, the wisdom of the ancestors and the ways of all creatures of the realm. She is also connected with the memories of the earth itself. She is empowered with the knowledge that comes from age and practice, all forms of divination and visions. She stands at the gateway between accepted reality and the world of spirit.

Aside from all four directions at the crossroads, she dwells within the space above and below, the space between worlds where we interact with spirits. She is also associated with the Three Keys, governing the roads to knowledge, protection and prosperity.

Working with her offers you safety while walking in the shadows, clarifies signals and messages and sharpens your intuition.

Before you work with her, it is wise to take the time to sit and listen to her and get to know her…

Working with her can open you up to facing up to your darker subconscious, so you need to be confident that you are ready to take some potentially uncomfortable things about yourself on board. She won’t sugar coat things, so really make sure that you are ready for that possibility.

The shadow world is reached through a state of trance, and entering that space can bring you into contact with confused or deceitful spirits who would like nothing better than to attach  themselves to you, which is why it’s vitally important to ensure that you protect yourself with a circle of protection of some kind.

However, this should not deter you on your path, as what better adventure could you have than to acknowledge and safely travel amongst the shadows of the night?

Why would you want to enter the world of shadows?

Well, aside from discovering and accepting things about yourself, you can use the energies of the night for sharpening your abilities for scrying, dreamwork or for gathering energies to use for charging your magick tool-box.

In this case, we’re going to look at using the powers to create a fetish charm to draw the spirit of Hecate into an object to use in protection and magickal workings.

You will need a bone for this, if like me, you have familiars who bring you “gifts” you can carefully use any bones from these, after cleansing and purifying them. If however you’re a little squeamish about this (which to tell the truth, am, but more than a creature losing it’s Life, I hate to see that not serve any useful purpose), you can buy bones online.

The best type to go for are what you would term creatures of the night and darkness, so frogs, toads, ravens … I have recently seen ethically sourced mole vertebrae for sale, which would be ideal. Even if you choose to go for the option of buying the bones, make sure to cleanse and purify them, maybe using boiling water and then bury them in sea salt for a day or two.

Work with Hecate on the dark of the moon…

Remember that when you call in Hecate, you are inviting the shadow world and all that is connected with that world. You will be able to tell by how you feel within yourself if working with Hecate is for you.

If you choose to fashion your bone fetish, the best place to perform the drawing down of Hecate is at a crossroads. Suitable offerings to her would include mushrooms, raw eggs, bread, cake, cheese, dandelions and grapes. You can also leave feathers, and use something like werewolves incense. You can also use black or red candles dressed with garlic oil, mugwort or mint oil.

After you have chosen, created and cleansed your ritual space, draw a crescent moon pierced by a lightning bolt (the sigil of Hecate) in the dust using a stick or stone. Call on Hecate by singing to her, using your own words to make the working more powerful. Tell her exactly why you wish to carry her knowledge and grace with you.

Make the whole experience as personal to you as you can…

And don’t forget to close your ritual space and brush away the sigil when you have finished. As you walk away from your ritual space do not look back.

You can repeat this ritual to strengthen the bond on nights when the moon is dark. You can either carry your charged bone in a magick pouch, or place it on your altar or use it to make sacred jewellery. Bones which have a hole in them, such as mole vertebrae lend themselves to this purpose, as they are easier to thread or use as sacred earrings.

Be aware that working with bones is an ancient practice which will bring you a closer bond with the earth, and can lead to very profound experiences. If you are ready to receive these insights, your Life will only be enriched by them as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

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