Protection spell – to ward off negative energy and psychic vampires

Magic spell for protection against negative energy and psychic vampiresNegative energy can come from many sources, not just people, but through interactions via the internet and social media. What can you do to protect yourself?

These days, energy attacks come through not only physical contact with people, but through the ether – ever come across internet trolls? Psychic vampires who will try to drain you of your energy and take you down to their level.

This spell will protect you from their negative powers and ability to do you harm. It uses a blend of Egyptian magic and Hoodoo to drive away any evil intent towards you.

This is what you do…

• Take 4 blue candles and 1 white candle. Place the blue candles at the points of the compass, and then place the white one at the center on a white plate, on which you have drawn an eye using indigo or blue food coloring.

• Light the candles and imagine a circle of bright white light surrounding you and keeping you from harm.

• When you feel that your circle of protection is at its strongest, wash the eye from the plate into a small bowl containing Van Van Oil.

• Bottle the resulting oil, and use it to anoint your palms and the soles of your feet for seven consecutive days. If you want to increase the strength of the spell further, you can accompany the anointing by reciting Psalms or other sacred texts.

Aside from that, the best advice is to distance yourself as much as possible from negative people and situations, and combining this advice with the oil will keep you buoyant and safe from those energy suckers!

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