“Must be the season of the wicche”: A Wiccan seasonal protective talisman

witch cross

The coming of Fall – or Autumn as us Limeys call it – is said to herald the season of the witch. So what better time to put yourself a talisman together to protect your home, health and fortune? And even magick workers need protection.

This working uses the Mercury Dime, which I spoke about in a recent post. If you want to make one for yourself, or as a gift for a like-minded friend, this is what you will need:

  • Mercury Dime
  • Length of white string or cord
  • Length of black string or cord
  • Length of red string or cord (these need to be about 3 to 4 feet long)
  • Red flannel bag
  • 2 bones or sticks around 4-5 inches long
  • Protection herbs – these can be any that you would use normally in protection work, but can include things like hawthorn, oak/acorns, wormwood, Spanish moss, rue, High John the Conqueror and dill.
  • Protective oils

Take your red flannel bag, and carefully place your blend of herbs and oils inside, making sure to draw all of the powers of protection to you that you can, and transferring them to the contents. Try to imagine it flowing through you like a stream of light. At this point if you wish, you can also place the dime inside the pouch, but you may prefer, as I do, to keep it to adorn the outside of the bag, as a tchotchke to focus on.

Now cross the sticks or bones, and using the white cord, bind them together, as you say:

“I bind this cross with Purity. With my working, I bind in happiness, peace, family and wisdom. May its blessings continue, and the soul of this charm be founded on the knowledge of the Multiverse”.

Then tie the thread securely and anoint it with oil.

Repeat the binding process using the red string, this time saying: “I bind this cross with Power. With my working, I bind in Life and fire, blood and heat. May its blessings continue, and may the heart of this charm be founded on Life, health and prosperity”.

Finally, repeat the binding again using the black string, and as you perform this final binding, say: “I bind this cross with Sorcery. May its blessings continue, and may the heart of this charm be founded on the powers of the ancestors and the arcane”.

This time, when you secure the string, use 3 knots, and as you tie the first one say: “By my will”, then with the 2nd knot say: “The will of the divine” and with the 3rd and final knot say: “And the sacred arts, so shall it be”.

Once you have completed the talisman, say aloud: ” May the spirits above and the spirits below act as a shield against all harm.

You can then add some cord to hang the talisman, and decorate it with whatever you feel is right for you – the Mercury Dime, maybe some nutmeg or protective charms which you may feel a strong affinity to.

The cross which you have made with the sticks or bones acts acts as a kind of spiritual crossroads, offering direction and guidance as well as protection, so at each New Moon, feed the cross with either anointing oil or a few drops of liquor.

So there you are … all wrapped up nicely in time to keep you safe for Walpurgisnacht!

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