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Anointing Oil Pip de Belfry

Pip de Belfry’s bespoke, handmade anointing oils are tailored to your specific needs for use in spells and magickal work. 

They are available in 2 sizes, 15ml and 30ml, and are supplied in your choice of premium glass bottles:

Clear glass, which allows you to see the contents of the bottle, making it a focal point for concentrating your intent during ritual work or for meditative focus.

Miron glass, which has amazing properties for protecting and even enhancing the energies of the contents. Used since Egyptian times, it fell out of general use, but has now been revived because it is simply THE ultimate protective glass.

Gold glass, again used since Egyptian times, and another protective glass. This glass adds a touch of luxury to the opulence of the contents.

All oils are based on holly oil, which is unique in having an unlimited shelf life, and does not need to be stored under special conditions. This is aside from its magickal properties and its connections with ritual work.

Plus each bottle of oil contains crystals, herbs and roots from the old hoodoo tradition. AND each bottle comes with three handmade beeswax candles.

Whether you are looking for oils to draw money, bring success, attract love, protection, or spiritual cleansing, Pip can fix you up with a suitable oil for your needs. She can also create oils for working on the darker side, such as “Black Destroyer.”

Other popular oils Pip provide clients with include Pip’s Potent Power Oil, St Cyprian Oil, and Royal Crown of Success Oil. All oils come with Pip’s signature Agave Worm to open the third eye.

Anointing Oil (15ml Bottle)

NOTE: US dollar price is approximately $26.


Anointing Oil (30ml Bottle)

NOTE: US dollar price is approximately $39.



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