Magic Money Pen

Magic Money Pen and Money Magnet Oil

Use a magic money pen to fill out lottery tickets and to write cash petitions to the spirits…

Each pen is packed with a chopped up dollar bill, and comes with a bottle of Money Oil (15ml) and a Sand Dollar charm. Plus simple instructions. (FREE Shipping).

Here’s what voodoo man Doktor Snake says about Pip’s Magic Money Pens…

When I was at Pip de Belfry’s place and saw these Magic Money Pens that she’s fixing up, my first thought was, “Christ in a Cadillac, these cash-drawing charms will blow people’s minds AND bring ’em money.”

Fact is, the people she’s made them for could not believe it. One guy pulled a good win at the bingo hall, kicked his gambling luck into overdrive. And I sent a woman I know to Pip… she was in debt and desperately needed cash, but couldn’t afford a money magnet mojo hand. So I said, go to Pip. Get one of her Magic Money Pens.

She did. And boom! Two weeks later she got a pay rise and her debts were manageable. So check out this one. It’s a killer money working…

~~ Doktor Snake

My magic money pens came about this way…

I started making them to go with gambling and money spells, and with talismans or mojo hands for drawing cash. The idea was to use a magic money pen when you do the lottery or sign anything to do with winning or earning money. In short, the pens were an extra, or an add-on.

Thing is, these magic money pens really worked…

People went crazy about them. And wanted them standalone. Somehow or other, these simple magical talismans tapped into the esoteric current that lies behind the hidden force of money… and they drew cash to people.

What’s more, magic money pens act like a secret talisman…

The good thing is you can carry the pens with you. Nobody will know that it is, in fact, a talisman. And because it is an everyday object, you can keep it in your pocket and use it for writing, be it the obvious things like filling out lottery tickets, but also for shopping lists.

The more you use a magic money pen, the more the intent of attracting money and abundance is embedded in the very fibers of the multiverse.

It also gets you into the “ready to receive” mindset…

That’s right. When it comes to money drawing, the best strategy is to keep as many items that symbolize money as you can – thus a money magic pen is ideal. Doing this gears your subconscious mind towards being ready to “receive” the abundance that is all around.

And abundance really is all around you

Just think of all the radio waves sending billions around the world that literally go through you every day. On a magical level, you’re simply looking to direct some of this money to you – be it with a gambling win, pay rise, a successful business, or whatever.

And a magic money pen will key you in to being ready to receive the abundance that is all around. This could manifest in an unexpected windfall, gambling win, or income opportunities coming your way.

So if you are ready to add some serious firepower to your money-drawing “armory,” we can get the ball rolling right away…

Magic Money Pen

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL MAGIC MONEY PENS! **NOTE: US dollar price is approximately $52 USD**. Each pen is packed with a chopped up dollar bill, and comes with a bottle of Money Oil (15ml) and a Sand Dollar charm. Plus simple instructions.



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