Protection amulet: white poppet doll wrapped in a sycamore leaf


Guest post by Doktor Snake.

Pip de Belfry’s protection amulet is a powerful “natural magick” spellworking that got us out of a serious fix…

Pip describes herself as a natural witch. Her magick is freeform and eclectic, and born of intuition, not books, and she certainly doesn’t follow the “rules” (very similar to me in that respect).

Pip’s protection “power bomb” amulet really impresses me. She first did that working when we were out in the wilds with our magickal group AMMO and we ran into some serious trouble. Almost like we’d evoked more than we could deal with. It was Pip who sorted the situation out, as recorded in my post at called Evoking the lords of chaos and law.

This is what Pip says about the power bomb:

“I usually make up a white poppet doll, then I go out into the countryside and immerse myself in the peace or it all, soaking up the natural landscape. Then I look around for appropriate leaves. In the situation we got involved in it was sycamore leaves which spoke to my intuition. So I wrap the doll in them.

After that I look around for water – like a puddle or stream and consecrate the leaf-wrapped doll in the water. Then I push it into some earth, wave it in the breeze (if there is one), and finally run it through the flame of my lighter.”

Being a natural witch Pip doesn’t plan anything; it’s all intuitive magick, very much of the realm of earth… she’s a protective, nurturing force… and thus she is very adept at protection spells – be they for keeping away bad people, negative events, or baleful spiritual forces.

She does crystal readings for clients, and often provides them with one of her power bomb protection talismans. Many have come to swear by them. I do myself – especially after she got our AMMO group out of a pretty tricky situation, which was both physical and an aspect of occult forces, which we’d evoked ourselves. We learned from the experience, and it was empowering, but we wouldn’t have got out unscathed without Pip doing her power bomb working.

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