“Royal” Crown of Success oil is the witchcraft bomb!

Crown of Success oil is used in many spellworkings in witchcraft and voodoo. UK witch Pip de Belfry explains why her “Royal” Crown of Success Oil has superior magickal properties. [Feat. Doktor Snake].

Video Transcription
PIP: A lot of spells call for Crown of Success oil. It helps you to achieve the ultimate you can, in any spellworking you are doing.

But this is my unique “Royal” Crown of Success oil because it has a special ingredient in it that you wouldn’t know about unless you went a long way back in history.

DOC: Yeah, it’s Doktor Snake here, and I gotta tell ya that Pip de Belfry’s Crown of Success oil is the bomb – because it’s royal!

PIP: Someone really needs to tell that man not to say the words “royal” and “bomb” in the same sentence. Because we’ll have everybody here on the doorstep, police cars will be buzzing like mad.

But before they turn up, what makes this oil so special is it goes back to the 17th century and was used for the coronation. And the next coronation, whoever that may be, will be using something very similar to this.

So whatever working you’re looking for success with, this is the oil that you want. Whether it’s getting lots more money, whether it’s getting back a lover, whether it’s to get a better job. Whatever it is, this is the oil that you need.

DOC: I gotta tell ya, ya wanna be a big time rapper, you gotta get some of this Crown of Success oil made by Pip de Belfry in the UK. Coz I tell ya, it’s gonna take you to the heights. It’s the elixir of life. It the bomb!

PIP: So whatever your questions are, feel free to come through to me at PipDeBelfry.com where you can find our more details about this little bottle of wonder…

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