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It is always a good thing to be open to the idea of different faiths and points of view, so with that in mind, this working takes a leaf out of the Japanese spiritual path of Shinto. In a way, this dispenses with ritual and ceremony, and involves praying directly to your “spirit soul” for wealth.

Here’s what you do:

✴ To have your prayer for wealth answered, you will need to have complete belief and confidence that your wish will be fulfilled. As Shinto master Motohisa Yamakage puts it: “You must think at the deep level of your heart, this has already been realized and is definite.”

✴ This means that you’ll need to formulate in your mind that wealth is already yours. That the hidden etheric forces are already in motion and that it is only a matter of time before the money manifests itself. Do NOT doubt – even if the wolves or bailiffs are at the door. Hold the idea of wealth in your mind everyday. Make the feeling one of quiet confidence, rather than frantic desperation. Simply KNOW in your heart that your spirit soul is there to help you.

✴ In his book, The Essence of Shinto (Kodansha International 2006), Motohisa Yamakage says: “If you are determined about something from the bottom of your heart and you can maintain the determination for a long time, it will certainly be realized. This is the power of the human mind, and the power of the human spirit soul.”

You can use this technique for attaining any goal, so give it a try and see what YOUR human spirit soul can help you to achieve.

3 thoughts on “Shinto spirit soul prayer for wealth

  1. This is quite a fascinating post, since you’re doing free hoodoo rituals/spells and free advice on this blog, can you give me some pointers on success and blockbusting obstacles that hinders the path to the crown of success (in general) such as prosperity, fortune, or the path you desire ???

    1. When it comes to success and wealth (which is relative) the biggest key is clarity. Keeping your mind free of daydreaming and fantasy. Having a definite focus and plan (but being flexible too). Keeping a very regular “eye” on your thoughts and thinking. And learning to still your interior dialogue, as that way you can stop thinking when it is unproductive and sending you down a wrong path. Obstacles are typically of your own making – like subconsciously shooting yourself in the foot due to negative thought patterns or the emotional brain. Objectivity is critical too. And being able to coldly and ruthlessly look at your weaknesses, and never feel sorry for yourself. Just keep going, never stop. And don’t let obstacles stand in your way, or sidestep them.

      Email me if you want more on all this – make sure you flag your name so I don’t accidentally miss your mail.

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