Soak your way to serendipity … bath tea bags for the stressed out wicche

So lately it seems like all of the celebs have been spouting about the benefits of bath teas. Mariah “I sing with the dolphins” Carey has fessed up about taking baths in milk, a la Cleopatra, and  “just call me Madge” Madonna posted a video of herself in a bath full of basil (I just hope it’s not hiding a secret like Isabella’s pot of basil … If you don’t know about that one, give it a google).

But bath teas have been around for a while – as I said, at least since the time of Cleopatra –  so why the sudden interest? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because the evenings are getting a little darker, the weather is getting a little chillier, and even the hardiest wicche starts to think a pampering soak could be quite sublime, daaaahling …

If you want to put yourself together a nice sachet to languish in, it’s a fairly easy and inexpensive thing to do. I sourced some nice little muslin drawstring bags from the Devil’s Work Ebay, but you can make your own with cheesecloth if you feel like being homespun … Also, I have to admit it took me a fair while to find the right thing. Who would have thought that it would be such a difficult task? I swear I go to bed at night, and all of the things I’ve been trying to source that day go through my mind like they’re on a never-ending conveyor belt …

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