Black magick hex bag - darkside spell to curse an enemy

Black magick hex bag – darkside spell to curse an enemy

Black magick hex bag - darkside spell to curse an enemy

Use this black curse spell to hit back against noisy neighbors, workplace bullies, and anybody bugging you…

Maybe it’s the darker evenings, maybe it’s because we’ve just passed Hallowe’en, maybe it’s just because I’m feeling evil, but the darker side is definitely coming to the surface these days.

This little bag of darkness is used in the same way as a traditional mojo bag, but with a pinch more of the devilish about it. If you have someone who’s really been bugging you, say a noisy neighbor or a work colleague who keeps hassling you, then you might like to put one of these together to give them a taste of their own medicine,

Remember,  black magick is frowned upon by some. But if you have a genuine gripe with someone, and you feel happy with using it, then as long as you protect yourself, go ahead …

You don’t need much to put this parcel of mischief together, all it takes is:

  • Black fabric bag
  • Black curse rice
  • A chunk of dragon’s blood resin
  • Basil
  • Rue
  • Wormwood
  • Nettle
  • Pentacle charm

If you can’t get hold of all 4 herbs, you can check for others to use online for this purpose, but you really want to have a couple of those in there. The pentacle charm can be made of anything, and you can use one that you get from a dollar store, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. As we’ve just passed Hallowe’en, you might be lucky enough to find them at a discount, in which case I would buy a few and stash some away, as you never know when someone will give you a burning desire to put one of these hex bombs to work.

All you need to do is place everything in the bag – no special words or rituals, just concentrate on why they’re annoying you and pour all of that intent into the bag along with the ingredients. There you go, done and dusted!

Lastly, you want to place your hex bag as close to your intended target as possible. Maybe in a desk or locker, or you could bury it as near to their house as you can.

Whichever you choose, you can allow yourself a smirk of satisfaction after you’ve left your gift, and know that you won’t be getting grief from them for much longer!

The voodoo truth behind Angelina Jolie – how the Hollywood diva has used black magick to further her ambitions, and to remove the “encumbrance” of Brad Pit from her life

Guest post by Doktor Snake.

When Brad Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston, it has been said the Hollywood diva and now activist Angelina Jolie gave Brad a vial of gray powder to ward off accidents. The vial reportedly contained the remnants of a bat. At the time, I said, “That vial sounds suspiciously like a voodoo mojo hand, or magical charm,” adding that it may in reality have been a break up spell to split Brad from Jennifer Aniston – as Angelina had her sights firmly set on Brad.

And she succeeded…

But after the two married and made a life together, Angelina set herself new challenges in the realm of politics and the global peace movement, and Brad went by the wayside. It could even be argued that, despite having children together, Brad has become an encumbrance to Angie’s plans, and that she will do whatever it takes to achieve her desires.

In fact, I was able to confirm back in 2016 that Angelina performed a graveyard ritual to further enable her ambitions for political influence. The ritual she did involved plunging a ceremonial dagger into a manikin, which served as a symbolic sacrifice.

Recently – via a certain “grapevine” I’m involved with – I have heard that Angie is using the black arts against Brad, and has performed rituals to this end.

Some insist that Angelina is utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing to gain what she wants, and to remove all obstacles from her life – with Brad being a mere pawn in her rise to prominance.

So is Angelina Jolie a thoroughly despicable person?

Well, there are various ways of looking at Angie. She’s certainly a very determined, driven woman, who when riled, bears a grudge (she’s possibly very hardcore in the grudge department). Such as alleging recently that Brad wasn’t paying “meaningful” levels of child support. Brad’s team countered by saying this was a publicity stunt on her part. It might well have been. But that is often part of the celebrity game, certainly if you’re ruthless enough.

Some people (and I’m not necessarily saying Angie) recognize they have an ability to intensely formulate, and focus, on an intent. It burns like a fierce fire, but goes beyond the everyday idea of “willpower”, which is really just internal dialog, and isn’t all that strong. What we are talking is deep subconscious ability, and this arguably can connect and manipulate the “external” world.

Those that can do this (in my experience, at least) often don’t have too many ethics. There principle is they have innate power, and they will use it.

Brad may well have been a useful tool, and is no longer needed, and in fact may be an annoyance. Plus possibly he is aware of Angie’s potentially sinister allegiances and her potential endgame. I don’t know, but you might find connections to George Sorros and his many and varied NGOs. A long term aim of Angie’s could be to be the first female president (if she’s not beaten to it).

That said, she might be with the losing side. Geo-politics is now in a state of chaos… bearing in mind chaos theory and the notion that chaos is the creator and driver of evolution. Thus we could say, metaphorically, that the current chaos is Gaia putting things to rights. Like or loathe them, Trump and Putin would be necessary to this… both would not be to Angie’s liking. But both are the antithesis to the current globalist hegemony, which is a huge control system that has eroded our freedoms.

But if the globalist hegemony / old money / banking families win out, well, Angie is positioned to be influential.

As to magick, which I touched on above, nowadays it’s way, way beyond folksy spells and formulas. Dig deeply into top Russian politicians and advisers and you’ll see that magick / reality manipulation has been central to much of what they’re doing. I would argue that Trump is the same, having grown up with New Thought, but very likely recognizing methods of geopolitical sorcery. Once it was conjuring demons, like in medieval grimoires. Now it’s evoking chaos on the world stage. But that’s partly to take on the “order” of the globalist hegemony.

So where is Angie in all this?

I’d say she’s playing a fast game on the side of the “gods of law”, which at extreme levels (as seen with the globalist hegemony) is destructive and pathologically controlling. Chaos too is destructive at its most extreme, but right now we are looking to tip the balance back to the crystalline balance of equilibrium. Though, short term, chaos will rule.

Who knows what will win out. But my feeling is that Angie is utilizing post-modernist modes of magick, with the endgame being global influence and power. Look for a Sorros connection, or similar.

(Originally published on – The voodoo truth behind Angelina Jolie – how the Hollywood diva has used black magick to further her ambitions, and to remove the “encumbrance” of Brad Pit from her life)