Candle magick for forgiveness


If you’ve caused bad feeling over something you’ve said or done, a simple candle ritual will help bring forgiveness…

However calm, peace loving and generally chilled a person you may think you are, sometimes we all do or say something in the heat of the moment that may well cause more problems and bad feelings than was ever thought possible…

If this is the case with you, and you wish to try to make amends and seek forgiveness, then this is just the working for you to try.

It’s a fairly simple ritual, and is probably done as soon as possible after a disagreement, as the longer the bad feelings fester, the harder they are to shift.

For this working, you will need two candles – tealights are fine, particularly if you use colors or fragrances that lend themselves to the purpose of your working. Maybe consider using green if you have fallen out over money matters, or pink if your tribulations are Love related for example.

You will also need some forgiveness powder, which is easy to rustle up. You just need:

  • Sage for purification purposes, to clear the way between you.
  • Salt to banish negativity – I would use  a raw, unrefined rock salt.
  • Sugar to sweeten the feelings between you – again, I would use a raw sugar.
  • Rosemary to nurture calming, warm, affectionate feelings.

Just blend those all together in a little bowl, maybe one you use specifically for magick workings. Alongside your candle conjure, you can use this powder physically on the person whose forgiveness you seek. Obviously, it’s a little difficult to do without them knowing, but you could maybe tip a little into their shoes if you have access to them, or place a little in a pocket on an item of clothing that they wear frequently.

Anyway, once you have your powder, whether you go for the personal touch or not, you’re ready to perform your ritual.

Take your candles and space them about 7 inches apart. Use an old pen or a cocktail stick to write your name in the wax of one candle, and then write the name of the other in the other candle. Sprinkle a line of the forgiveness powder between the candles, and then ensuring that you are concentrating on your feelings of knowing that you have hurt the other person, light both of the candles.

Imagine yourself talking to them (or you can speak out loud), and say something along the lines of, “I’m so sorry (insert person’s name), I didn’t intend to cause you distress and anger, please forgive me”. Visualise your regrets pouring into the candle. Then imagine them answering you and saying that they forgive you.

When you feel the candles have burned for long enough, extinguish them. Repeat this ritual every night for 7 nights, moving the candles a little closer to each other every time. Eventually, the candles will be touching. The magickal properties in the powder will aid forgiveness, and the energies flowing from the candle will reach out to the other person, encouraging them to offer you forgiveness and welcome you back into their Life.

While I said that this can be used in lover’s quarrels, you might like to ramp the working up if this is the case, and consider using a “come to me” powder, made by crushing together rose, jasmine and lemon rind. If you’re ok with the idea of playing dirty, you can also add in some cloves, as they take it that little bit further.

Whatever purpose you are using this ritual for, it is best to avoid relentlessly contacting the other person, as they may well see this as being needy or overbearing, so you are best to let those little flickering flames do all of the hard work for you, and wait with a welcoming heart for when they contact you. Then just make sure that your brain  is in gear before you open your mouth in future!