Charging herbs for spells


Getting the most magickal bang for your buck from your spell working herbs…

With the cost of adding to your witchin’ kitchen rising faster than a broomstick ‘n Hallowe’en, it makes sense to charge then up and get them to their full potential before you even think of starting any workings. There’s not a lot of point in using the old, dried up magick of the jar of basil that’s been sat at the back of your cupboard for the last year or more.

Before you charge your bounty, it’s best if you get yourself into a focused state of mind, so that every last sparkle of magick intent flows into them. By reducing the frequency of your brainwaves and relaxing, your manifestations will be far stronger.

So sit quietly, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths. Imagine that there is an infinite cloud of energy floating above you, and with each inward breath, draw that energy into you, and allow it to relax your mind and body. Once you feel that you have achieved a relaxed state, you are ready to boost the energy and potency of your herbs.

Stay in your relaxed state, and with your herbs in front of you, place your right hand (which is the hand used for the release of powers into an item) over each in turn. As you do this, picture the energy within you transforming into a golden light, and allow this energy to flow through your hand into the item.

As you do this, say: “With this energy, I unlock your full magickal potentials, empowering you with the gifts from the Multiverse”.

This method can also be used for roots, crystals and oils, and you can be sure that once you have completed the charging ritual, your ingredients will run as smoothly, powerfully and efficiently as an engine running on premium level gas!

Wash away a hex with the best spiritual cleansing 13 herb curse removal bath

curse removal

Pip de Belfry shows you how to remove hexes and bad work using simple ingredients you can mix together yourself to make a spiritual bath…

It’s been a while since I wrote on the benefits of spiritual baths, and after receiving a query from a client on hex removal, I thought I’d put this post together so that anyone out there who has this problem has the solution (no pun intended) at their finger-tips. Well, you will after you get the ingredients together.

The best hex removal baths are made up of odd numbers of herbs and roots, so 7, 9, 11 … You get the idea, but THE hoodoo mama of ALL hex removal baths is made up of 13 ingredients. Or 12b as I like to call it, as I’ve never been overly keen on that 10+3 number … call me superstitious if you like, but hey, I’d just take that as a compliment. Who knows, maybe I have a touch of Japanese in my gene pool, where they dislike the number so much that no hotel in Japan has a 12bth floor…

So, let’s give you a roll call of anti hex herbs you can mix together. You can take your pick from any of the following:

Bay leaves
Black peppercorns
Blessed thistle
John the Conqueror
Marshmallow leaves
Wood betony
Wahoo bark

Some of those are obviously easier to source than others, but lately my feelings have been leaning towards the “if it’s more difficult to get, the intent put into the working is greater, and therefore makes the magick stronger” … It’s up to you if you choose to follow the same root (another “no pun intended” moment), but that’s just my personal take on it.

Once you’ve collected your magick ingredients together, you want to  boil them together for that 12b number of minutes. Some people prefer to let them mingle for longer than that – say 30 minutes – to further strengthen the potion, but that is up to you.

After you feel they have released enough of their potency, you can strain the liquid to remove the bits that may otherwise stick to you and the sides of your bath like rogue tea leaves in the sink. But I suppose that would always give you the opportunity to read them.

This liquid is then added to your bath. Some people say that you need to take 12b baths to remove the hex, but it doesn’t necessarily follow. If you feel it is a milder form of hex, you may well decide that one bath with a concentrated formula will suffice. It really is up to you and your personal feelings.

Whichever number of baths you choose to take, remember to take a shower first to remove negative energies, and allow yourself to air dry before taking the bath. Also if you don’t have access to a bath tub, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use this ritual – you can use the liquid to wash yourself down in the shower, but also make sure that some of the liquid covers your head.