Witchcraft spells that make a man’s penis disappear

depressed man

Penis snatching is common in African witchcraft – but western witches aren’t above jinxing a guy’s penis to stop him straying…

Every now and again, reports surface of mysterious outbreaks of penis snatching. From what you see in the press, you might think it’s a relatively new phenomenon. But you would be wrong. West Africa and the Congo are regular targets, where you will hear of strangers wearing gold rings who may shake your hand maybe, or ask for directions or share a cup of tea with you. Then BOOM … the next thing you know, your penis has gone!

Theories as to why this happens are varied, including the snatcher holding your manhood to ransom until you pay for its return. Or there are tales of witches using them for occult purposes.

Whatever the truth is, penis snatchers often end up dead. Lynch mobs attack them, and the police pretty much turn a blind eye. Possibly because they don’t want their penis to disappear too and who can blame them.

However, Chinese medicine documents similar ailments dating back to 400-100 BC, but rather than blaming magick, sticks to a rather more earth bound suo yang, or “shrinking penis”, which could prove fatal.

In 1487, the Malleus Maleficarum was published by two German clergymen, who related in detail how witchcraft could be used to make one’s membrum virile disappear.

Moving to the present day, you can find workings for things like the colorfully self-descriptive “willie witherer” should you wish to inflict this malady on someone. Nowadays, it’s used more often by women making sure that their man doesn’t stray, or that he stops cheating on them (such as my Man Dominator working). This is achieved by ensuring that their man will respond to their advances alone.

Whatever the truth behind it, you would do well to take note of the lyrics from the Joe Tex classic:

A woman who will have his dinner cooked when he comes home
Where some men make mistakes is
When they go out and stay because they feel
No other wants his woman but him

Or become the next victim of the phantom penis snatcher …