Voodoo witch cast ultimate money spell to get client out of poverty

Woman hits rock bottom, in desperation turns to voodoo witch to solve money woes…

There are times when you have to give it all you’ve got. The whole “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” treatment as I like to think of it…

And when Lila came to me for a money spell, that’s just what I did.

Lila said, “You’re voodoo witch, right? I’ve lost my job, I’m in big debt, and about to be homeless. Can you help with a spell? I need money so bad.” It was a pretty tall order, but I know that nothing is impossible, it just means that sometimes it might take slightly longer to achieve.

I set to work right away. I knew what I needed, some rare herbs and roots you gather at the time of the shadow moon. And it was close to that time – the moon was waning. Two more nights and it would be the right time to gather what I needed. That was handy, as it gave me two nights to get the rest of the working together.

In many ways, I’m not comfortable with being called a voodoo witch, or even just witch. I simply follow the old ways and practise natural magick. Nevertheless, voodoo witch or not, if I can help people, I will.

So I left my home and went out to the swamplands of Eastern England under the pervasive darkness of the shadow moon. After about an hour and a few encounters with stinging nettles and a couple of hedgepigs, I located the key herbs and plants I needed, and sang to them as I picked them – like I always do. It’s always seemed a natural thing to do as far as I’m concerned, and I always make a point of thanking the plants for their help.

Then I set about calling upon the land, air, fire and water spirits to bless my witchcraft spell and charm – in this case a money-drawing witch bottle. I gave the spirits thanks, and then left for home.

I let Lila know the spell had been cast, and the next day mailed her the witch bottle that would begin the process of drawing money to her.

Within a week, Lila had secured a new, cheaper place to live. It wasn’t a palace, but it wasn’t a flea pit either, and with Lila’s touch, the place would soon be her own little sanctuary. Soon, she received an unexpected tax refund – all refunds from the tax man are unexpected, but this one was truly amazing in its size and timing. And then a friend secured her a job in the accountancy department of a big firm.

She got in touch again recently, saying, “I owe it all to you and your voodoo witchcraft spell. I can’t thank you enough.”

I just said that I was really an “enabler”, helping her find the power within to turn her Life around. The compliment was nice. But honestly I truly believe I help people to help themselves.