Witch bottles for protection and clearing work

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Having taken a look at witch bottles for prosperity and Love, this post looks at making bottles for protection and clearing workings.

The preparation is the same as for previous bottles, but with the inclusion of different correspondences.

Protection bottles could contain items such as vinegar, rusty nails, garlic cloves, salt, ashes, black destroyer oil, dragon’s blood resin, bent pins, mirror shards, ashes and tourmaline. When this bottle is completed, it should be sealed with black candle wax.

Protection bottles can either be buried at the front of your house to prevent evil entities from gaining access, or they can be buried outside the house of the evil doer, which not only serves the purpose of preventing evil from coming from their dwelling place, but can also be used to reflect any negative energies back to where they came from.

Another use for the witch bottle is as an instrument of banishing and hexing. Items or correspondences which could be used in these circumstances include thing like rose thorns, war water, deadly nightshade (but take great care if using this), rust, lemon juice, dead flowers or weeds and nettles along with jet, cascarilla powder and hematite.

You can always add in the more usual cross over items like hot foot powder or goofer dust, and again, think if there is anything that the person whose influence you are trying to clear has particular things they dislike, in which case make sure to include these to make the working more personal.

If your purpose is to bind a particular individual, you can also include a ripped photo, and then bind the bottle completely in black twine before sealing it all with black candle wax.

A good place to bury your bottle in this situation is near a stream or running water, or at a cross roads. Cross roads have been held to be places of magick and mystery dating back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. They held that cross roads were places where space and time met, which allowed them to be portals of transformation and change. They are also traditional locations for pacts to be made and deals to be struck with energy entities.

Wherever you choose to bury it, a hex clearing or banishing bottle often remains where you place it to keep bad energies at bay.

Oh, and I once has someone ask me what crystals are good for banishing work … After I had thought for  while, I replied “Well, any will do really, as long as you throw them hard enough … “

DO bottle it up … the best ways to make a witch bottle for whatever your desire

witch bottle

I’ve spoken about Witch Bottles before, their history and how they were mainly used for protection. I’ve been asked though if they can be used for other purposes, and they certainly can be.

So without further ado, let’s get on with a few ideas about how you can use these magick vessels for help with pretty much anything.

The first thing to remember when you set out to make a witch bottle is that you should perform your usual clearing ritual, and call upon the spirits to bless you in your workings. You wouldn’t put fresh food on a dirty plate, so think of it in those terms. Well some people might, but it’s not recommended, and if those are your habits, I would suggest investing in some paper plates.

To begin with you need to assemble your materials. Any kind of bottle or vessel that can be sealed is fine. You can use glass or ceramic bottles, whichever you have to hand and feels right to you for the purpose.

The items or “correspondences” you are going to use are decided by what type of bottle you are putting together, and we’ll go through a few things you could use in a moment. When you have the correspondences together, you need to place your intent within the items and the bottle. Imagine that you are charging them with your thoughts and purpose.

Once you have done this, you place the items inside the bottle, then seal it and choose the place that you are going to store it. Those are the general guidelines for putting your bottle together.

It was also fairly common practise to use items such as pins, nails or even stinging nettles to protect the bottle from prying eyes, even if the bottle was for a beneficial purpose. Again, you wouldn’t want to go putting all of your efforts into a working only to have mischievous, curious fingers poking into your affairs … These could be placed inside the bottle, which would also help to “trap” the intent, or on the outside as a more obvious warning not to touch.

The first ones I’m going to talk about are for the purposes of bringing things to you.

You can create a prosperity witch bottle for example. Popular correspondences for a prosperity bottle could include things like cinnamon, basil, mint, nutmeg, green aventurine, carnelian, cloves, honey, a splash of wine or liquor, coins, rice and maybe shredded pay stubs from a pay packet where you had lots of tips or overtime. You can also use moss to fill any gaps if you wish. The bottle doesn’t have to be filled to the brim, but my general feeling is that if you do, it gives you the added intent of abundance. My clients will know that when I blend oils, I tend to follow this route – the bottles are always filled right to the very top, as I like to cram in as much magick as I can. Sometimes this can make the oils a little slow to get out of the bottles, but believe me, everything is there for a purpose – and I hope I’ve ironed out that little wrinkle by switching over to using pipettes.

But I digress … When the container is filled to your satisfaction, seal the bottle using wax from a green or gold candle. As you want to draw prosperity towards you, it is a good idea to store this type of working in your home. Find a nice, safe place to leave it to work its magick for you. Some people choose to hide them away, but again, as long as it’s not disturbed, I would be quite happy to leave it in view, as it gives you a point to focus on.

If you feel that it has served its purpose, you can always bury it somewhere or cast it into running water, and don’t forget to thank the spirits again for their help.

Another instance for using a bottle to draw things to you could be a Love bottle. The principle in assembling the bottle is the same, but the correspondences this time could include things like vanilla pods, freshwater pearls, raw can sugar, rose quartz, rosebuds or petals, honey, a picture of the person if you have  particular person in mind, old love letters, damiana, figs, cardamom pods, bergamot, a lock of your love ones hair … The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and insight into the type of Love you are looking for. This time, you would seal the bottle with pink, red or purple candle wax. You could also bind it with some velvet ribbon or cord.

When choosing a place for a Love bottle, an ideal place would be a place that you and your desired person enjoy spending time together. Again, it’s worth spending  little time thinking outside of the box for somewhere that would be just the right place for you … 

So that’s a couple of ideas for you – in the next post we’ll look at using witch bottles for protection or clearing work.

Voodoo witch cast ultimate money spell to get client out of poverty

Woman hits rock bottom, in desperation turns to voodoo witch to solve money woes…

There are times when you have to give it all you’ve got. The whole “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” treatment as I like to think of it…

And when Lila came to me for a money spell, that’s just what I did.

Lila said, “You’re voodoo witch, right? I’ve lost my job, I’m in big debt, and about to be homeless. Can you help with a spell? I need money so bad.” It was a pretty tall order, but I know that nothing is impossible, it just means that sometimes it might take slightly longer to achieve.

I set to work right away. I knew what I needed, some rare herbs and roots you gather at the time of the shadow moon. And it was close to that time – the moon was waning. Two more nights and it would be the right time to gather what I needed. That was handy, as it gave me two nights to get the rest of the working together.

In many ways, I’m not comfortable with being called a voodoo witch, or even just witch. I simply follow the old ways and practise natural magick. Nevertheless, voodoo witch or not, if I can help people, I will.

So I left my home and went out to the swamplands of Eastern England under the pervasive darkness of the shadow moon. After about an hour and a few encounters with stinging nettles and a couple of hedgepigs, I located the key herbs and plants I needed, and sang to them as I picked them – like I always do. It’s always seemed a natural thing to do as far as I’m concerned, and I always make a point of thanking the plants for their help.

Then I set about calling upon the land, air, fire and water spirits to bless my witchcraft spell and charm – in this case a money-drawing witch bottle. I gave the spirits thanks, and then left for home.

I let Lila know the spell had been cast, and the next day mailed her the witch bottle that would begin the process of drawing money to her.

Within a week, Lila had secured a new, cheaper place to live. It wasn’t a palace, but it wasn’t a flea pit either, and with Lila’s touch, the place would soon be her own little sanctuary. Soon, she received an unexpected tax refund – all refunds from the tax man are unexpected, but this one was truly amazing in its size and timing. And then a friend secured her a job in the accountancy department of a big firm.

She got in touch again recently, saying, “I owe it all to you and your voodoo witchcraft spell. I can’t thank you enough.”

I just said that I was really an “enabler”, helping her find the power within to turn her Life around. The compliment was nice. But honestly I truly believe I help people to help themselves.