“Your money spell worked fast… my co-workers are jealous of all the tips I’m getting at the hotel where I work!”

Barbara, California, USA

“I was skeptical at first, but your reading said stuff you couldn’t know, and that talisman you sent me, well, let’s just say I’m ecstatically happy in my love life now!”

Jayne, New York, USA

“Wow, Pip. You did me a reading and a spell, and I’m doing great now. I was in a fix, but you turned my life around.”

Harris, Virginia, USA

“You did a reading about my past lives. I think it’s true. I got over a phobia I’d had since a child. When you told me who I was in a past life, and what happened, it went away.”

Lydia, Northampton, UK

“I needed a spell to remove negative energy, which could have been a hex (a long story as you know), but you made me up a spell, and I felt the difference straight away. Love you, Pip.”

Freya, Kent, UK

“How do you do it Pip?! Your money talisman really improved my money situation, almost overnight.”

Holly, Taunton, UK

“Your crystal reading showed me that me and my boyfriend can be back together if we work at the relationship. You brought me real hope. Thank you.”

Jenny, Reading, UK

“I love your posts, Pip. So help with with my spellworkings. I read you nearly every day!”

Lilly, Austin, USA

“You have given me really great readings. That’s why I keep coming back. Many of the details you tell me I never mentioned in the questionnaire…”

J from Bristol, UK

“Thanks for giving me hope, the one thing I need the most, so I can go on. Honestly, I’m not in a great place within myself right now…”

M from Colorado, USA