Top tips for manifesting intent to power up your hoodoo workings

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One of the most common problems people contact me about with putting together a spell working is that they have trouble visualising their intents. I can totally understand this, as I also used to think that I couldn’t do it well enough.

And really, that is the problem in a nutshell …

It’s all too easy to belittle ourselves and not even give things a fair, unbiased attempt because we think we are going to fail. And guess what? That sets us up to fail …

My “eureka!” moment came when I was talking with Doktor Snake, discussing the problem. He said “Close your eyes and tell me what color your hair is”. This sounded so stupid, but he made me see that to know what the answer was, I had to visualise it even if I didn’t know that was how my brain processed it. From that moment on, I can honestly say it became easier, as I accepted that was what my mind was doing. It was actually using the power of recall. Try it yourself and see what I mean.

Once you realise that you can do it, you can start to let go of the feeling of “not doing it well enough”. It really is enough that you do it to the best of your ability, and with practise, it will become easier and more vivid.

When you’re freed up from that part, you can move on to making your intents really work.

The first thing to do is to create a ritual for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the way anyone else does it – it’s YOUR ritual, so do it your way. This would include calming yourself, creating a clear space, performing an opening or clearing spell, that kind of thing. You may choose to meditate, light incense, play music – anything that gets you into the right frame of mind to be receptive.

The next step is to decide exactly what you’re focusing on, be it love, finance, career, or your family Life for example. It can help if you write it down in detail, as that helps to set the intents in your mind. Allow yourself to free your imagination to paint the most successful outcomes possible, and really let go here. Nothing is too much to ask for.

Now that you have your intents tattooed into your mind, you can do your working or conjure, knowing that you have fired it up with the maximum potency.

Feel yourself freeing your dreams and visions into the open, so that they can fly to the powers to put your plans in motion. Really try to feel yourself releasing the magick to do its work.

Finally, when your working is complete, ensure that you thank the spirits for their part in your rituals. A thanked spirit is always more amenable to helping than one who receives no thanks.

Hopefully this will help to give you the confidence to know that you can achieve results by using visualisation and manifestation of your intents. Soon you will find yourself wondering why you ever thought that you couldn’t!

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