Voodoo spell to break up a love triangle and stop a partner straying


If your partner is seeing somebody else, this voodoo spell breaks up the affair, and keeps your partner faithful to you…

Drawing on the powers of sympathetic magick, this voodoo spell put the brakes on a situation where you  suspect your partner is thinking of straying. It can be used with equal success even if they have already strayed, but should only be used if you are sure that you want them back, not purely for revenge.

We’re going to be nice here, anyway, and give the intruding person a chance to find someone else, so it’s a win/win scenario.

You will need:

  • 4 gingerbread people
  • Pins (preferably rusty)
  • Horseradish
  • Mustard seeds
  • Ashes
  • Rose buds
  • Vanilla pods
  • Honey

This working should be done just after a Full Moon, and is performed over a few nights…

This is what you do:

You begin by placing the gingerbread people on a large plate or board. Make sure you give identities to the cookies, as you want the two representing the couple you want to stay together close to each other, and the person that you want out of the picture is placed as far away as possible. Near to this cookie, you place another gingerbread cookie to represent a new person to com into the interloper’s Life.

Now you place the “removal” items between the two figures that you want to split up. Don’t do this all in one night – on the first night say, just sprinkle a few mustard seeds, the next night add in some ashes, the following night add some horse radish. You get the idea here …

At the same time, you place the positive items between the people that you want to bind together. You do this in the same way, so the first night you could place some rose buds between them, the next night add in a vanilla pod or two, the next night carefully add a little honey to cookie figures.

By the end of the spell working, the figures that you want to be bound together should be touching each other, and the situation should be reflected in real Life … And the person that you wanted out of the picture should be close to either having or meeting someone new in their Life, so all drama will be removed from yours, and happiness should be restored.

When you have completed the working, you should smash the figures into pieces and put them in a paper bag. You can then dispose of them in running water, which will remove all negative influences. Or you could just feed them to the ducks – your call!

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